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Hello friends! I’ve got some fantastic links for you here. Be sure to stop by and let the authors know what you think.

  • In the wake of the Aurora shootings, Shane Claiborne wrote a really powerful piece about the myth of redemptive violence. This was important for me to read.
  • Also following the shootings, Billy Coffey wrote a beautiful post about James Holmes. The questions that his daughter asked were poignant and his responses in this post are lovely.
  • So many gorgeous posts in the “what’s saving me today” synchroblog that Sarah Bessey hosted, but I particularly loved Jen Luitwieler’s contribution about compassion.
  • The World Vision bloggers were announced this week. I was so happy to see my friends Shawn and Joy among the list. Be sure to follow along with all of their stories when they head to Sri Lanka next month.
  • This is a repost from Gennon at Momastery, but it was the first time that I’d read it. I love (!!!) how she describes her faith.
  • Did you like the facebook page for The Wednesday Nooner? You should do that. Just a few days until the official release!
  • And speaking of romance, be sure to check out these awesome cakes over at Cake Wrecks.

What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Link it up in the comments!

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