Celebrate Women

Celebrating Women

Yesterday I was speaking with a couple of the #coffeeclub ladies on Twitter and Veronica mentioned that next month is Women’s History Month and that perhaps some of us should celebrate that on our blogs. Sarah Askins and I were both on board with that, so we hammered out a few details and decided that each Wednesday in March, we would write about a specific topic as related to women. Here is our tentative schedule (as women, we retain the right to change our minds):

  • March 2 — We will be sharing personal narratives on how we became or are becoming stronger women.
  • March 9 — We will be discussing views on strong women and/or feminism.
  • March 16 — We will be writing about feminist parenting. How can we help our sons and daughters (or any young people that we meet, if one is not a parent) have a healthy view toward women.
  • March 23 — We will be focusing on an influential woman writer. One who has influenced our own writing or our thoughts about writing.
  • March 30 — We will wrap up the month by talking about ways we can each have a positive effect on women’s issues locally and perhaps even globally.
We would love it if you would consider joining us in writing about these topics next month. Each of us will be hosting a linky on our blogs so you can read our posts and you can add your own as well. And if you’re on Twitter, you can follow the hashtag #CelebrateWomen to see what else we find that is pertinent to this month.