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Not Alone Blog Tour

October 1 was the official release from Civitas Press of the Not Alone book. In order to celebrate, I’ve asked the contributors and some other blogging friends to share portions of their stories and their impressions of the book. This link-up will be active all week long and I hope that you’ll stop by throughout the week to check it out and see what people are saying about the book.

If you have read it, I’d love it if you would consider leaving a review at Amazon. I genuinely believe that this is an important book and I would love to see it reach as many people as possible.

Thanks again to all who are participating in the blog tour. I know this wasn’t an easy book to read and I appreciate you taking the time to review it. And of course, thank you a million times to all of the contributors. Your stories are powerful and dynamic and I am incredibly grateful to you for your generosity in sharing them.

Now, start to the clicking!

(Quick note to those linking up: Where it says “your name” please type the name of your post or your blog. That’s what will be displayed in the link-up. And in the link, please include a direct link to the review. Thanks!)

1. Sonny Lemmons 11. Robin Farr (contributor) 21. Megan Wright
2. Matt Cannon (Seekingpastor) 12. Joy Wilson 22. Elizabeth
3. David Henson 13. Not Alone Book Release: My Piece of the Story (Tamara Out Loud) 23. ” You’re Not Alone! No, really!” (Sarah Moon: Christian Skeptic)
4. Katie McNemar 14. Megg 24. Jennifer Luitwieler
5. Chad Jones (randomlychad) 15. Knox McCoy 25. If you’re depressed, you’re not alone (Kyla Cofer)
6. Christie Hagerman (Hammock Librarian) 16. The Family Chaffins 26. David Ozab
7. April (For What It’s Worth) 17. See Preston Blog 27. Shawn Smucker
8. Kristin Tennant (Halfway to Normal) 18. Unbeautiful Beauty (Shanda Sargent) 28. Lisa Colon DeLay
9. Kellen Freeman 19. The Boy with the Thorn in His Side 29. A Coffee and a Book Review Friday (This Time Around)
10. You Are Not Alone! (Consider † his!) 20. Leigh Kramer (Hopeful Leigh) 30. You’re next

Six Short Months Later…

Back in February, I announced that the Not Alone series was going to be made into a book and I asked you to consider either contributing to the book or looking for others who might want to share their stories.

The response was absolutely amazing.

As I’ve spent this month editing stories, I cannot tell you how many tissues I’ve gone through and how many times I’ve had to stop and walk away because of how affected I am. People have been extremely vulnerable with their essays and I can never thank them enough for the way they have poured out their souls into these words. It is a huge privilege to be a part of this project.

And so it is with great excitement that I am totally breaking my sabbatical (just for a second) to let you know that you can now pre-order the Not Alone book!

Really, if I’ve had any doubts about this project (and I imagine in the course of every project, those doubts creep up), they were put soundly to rest yesterday as I read through the comments to Tony’s post. Stories about depression strike at something deep. The isolation that Tony talked about (and that all of the other contributors have mentioned) is very real and the sense of relief that you feel when you see someone else verbalize it can be almost tangible. Those comments reminded me that this project will have a profound impact and I am deeply grateful to be a part of it.

So click this link and order your copy of the book. Buy it for a friend who suffers depression. Buy it for someone who doesn’t understand what it’s like to go through depression. These stories are powerful and I believe they will speak to you, regardless of your association with depression.

Thank you so much for your support so far. I’m so happy that you’ve walked this path with me!