You Think You Know Me: The Response

A few weeks ago I invited you to ask me whatever you wanted to know about me. And you, true to form, asked me some interesting questions. While I’m off on vacation, I thought I’d give you this opportunity to get a slightly better glimpse inside my mind. Enjoy.
Leanne S. asked:

 If you could pick any three famous Canadians to have dinner with, who would you choose and what would the meal be?


Will Arnett (COME ON!), some Sutherland (I’m not too picky), & Justin Bieber (duh). We would eat soup (preferably cream based), because that’s what I like.

'Canadian Flag' photo (c) 2010, Kevin Timothy - license:

Leanne S. also asked:

If you could move your family anywhere for a year and you could write, where would you go? Let’s assume you’d get a free house and a stipend for a year so $ would not be an issue.


Probably Vermont. Cooler weather (so I’m not grumpy) and just a beautiful, hippy-dippy vibe. I have some very fond memories of trips to Vermont with my family growing up, and I’d love to return. Also, New England has been kind to Stephen King, so maybe it would work for me too.

Liza asked: 

Favorite ice cream flavor? Pizza topping? Cosmo or Margarita? Dream vacation spot? Favorite Seinfeld episode?


Ben & Jerry’s Boston Creme Pie (I hate that I can’t find it any more. SOOOO good.).

Black olives.

Margarita (though really, a banana daiquiri, please. Also, hold the olive.).

I very much want to see the Grand Canyon – I’m not sure if it’s a dream vacation, but yeah.

Probably The Marine Biologist, though really, any episode from season 5 – or at all.

Heretic Husband asked: 

Favorite TV show, favorite movie, favorite book.


I’m very, very bad at favorites. That word has almost no meaning to me. So if you ever see other answers to these, understand they are ALSO my favorite. Anyway:

Seinfeld (or Arrested Development)

Zoolander (at least, that is the most quoted around here)

A Prayer for Owen Meany (or Charlotte’s Web)

Leanne P. asked: 

I find people’s morning routine’s weird interesting.  What’s yours and why does it work for you?


I don’t know if I really have a routine! During the school year, I get up, check email/twitter/facebook, wake up the kids, pack lunches, drive them to school and then when I get home, make coffee. In the summer, I usually wake up around the same time, but since I don’t have anything else to do, the coffee just gets made sooner.

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Leigh asked:

When are you going to visit Nashville?


Really soon, I hope. I wish it was closer to where I am right now.

Tamára asked:

Which phrase or word in contemporary U.S. vernacular irritates you the most?  Which phrase or word that others find irritating do you enjoy using anyway? What is your favorite swear word? Which is your favorite book of the Bible?


If you say “irregardless” in a non-ironic way, I will think less of you as a person. We should definitely all know that’s not a real word by now.

I say “totes” all the time. I know.

Favorite swear is probably “mother pus bucket.” But I say fuck plenty, too.

Favorite book of the Bible is probably Philippians. (Also, those two questions beside each other are exactly why after my trip to Nashville, I need to head south to visit you.)

Michelle asked: 

What (or who) led to you being a writer? What are your top 3 favourite episodes of Doctor Who? What is your “go to” meal when you’re feeling uninspired and it’s your turn to make supper?


My dad was a high school English and Writing teacher, so he introduced me to quality writing at a pretty young age. I carried lots of notebooks around when I was young, and did some really terrible writing in them. Most days I think I’ve improved.

Please know that I have only watched the last 3 doctors, so I’m pulling from a much smaller well than real Whovians. Also, I’m calling two-part episodes one episode. So: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, Vincent and the Doctor, and The God Complex (which I SO want to write about, at some point).

Pizza from Little Caesar’s. It’s stupid cheap & feeds my family.

'The TARDIS in Cambridge' photo (c) 2012, James Bowe - license:

Kristin L. asked:

What is your guilty pleasure? When you are home by yourself & you want to do something you know you will enjoy (besides write) what do you do?


I love Ke$ha. I know she’s trashy and has no actual talent, but dang. Her stuff just demands that I crank my stereo as loud as I can stand it. I hate that, but it’s just 100% true.

Rich asked:

What person in the Bible is most annoying, and why? If you were a food, what would you be? What is your most and least favorite hair accessory? And lastly, do you prefer the proper pronunciation of “chipotle”, or Eric’s, and why?


This was probably the hardest question for me. I’m going to say Jacob because the way that he got pretty much his whole inheritance by being a jerk to his brother and lying to his dad. Which came back to bite him when he got married. But then he was a jerk to his first wife (Leah). He’s just not a nice guy with some regularity.

I’d be tiramisu. Sweet and spongy and soaked in coffee and booze.

Most favorite: I’m not sure if these are really accessories, but I love my old lady curlers because they make my hair look pretty amazing the next day. Least favorite: This thing because I always think it’s going to be awesome, and it just. never. is. (I’ll grant that might be user error. But still.)

Given the chipotle is among my favorite words, I like it to be pronounced correctly. But I will laugh 100% of the time when Eric calls it chip-pottle.

'tiramisu' photo (c) 2008, boo lee - license:

Sharideth asked:

what person, alive or dead, would you stab in the forehead with a fork given the opportunity? who would win in a fight?  me and tamara or tyler tarver and knox mccoy? narwhal or unicorn? who’s your favorite Beatle?


I don’t harbor that much anger about any particular person. But “guy getting six different orders at Subway and running them all through separately” dude frequently gets the evil eye from me.

I feel confident that you and Tamara could take pretty much anyone. So my money is definitely on the two of you.

Narwhal. Times a million.

I know this kills all rockstar cred, but I don’t really have a favorite Beatle. I guess John because I like his solo stuff better than any of the others’ solo stuff, but that isn’t really about the Beatles. So I don’t know if that counts.


Thanks for the awesome questions! Feel free to answer one of the questions about yourself in the comments. 

  • Lisa Colón DeLay

    Okay girl! You never disappoint with stuff like this.

    FAV lineL
    “I’d be tiramisu. Sweet and spongy and soaked in coffee and booze.”

    I peed a little when I read that.

    Back…now to kegeling…

  • MichelleW

    I can’t call myself a true Whovian either, as I’ve primarily watched the last three Doctors as well. My husband has rectified this somewhat by getting me a DVD with two episodes featuring the 7th Doctor. And I watched a number of clips featuring the 4th Doctor on You Tube (he was hubby’s first Doctor).

    Three of my favourite Doctor Who episodes are Partners in Crime, The Doctor’s Wife, and Blink. Ask me tomorrow, though, and it may very well change. ;-)

  • HopefulLeigh

    Next time we hang out, we have GOT to talk about A Prayer for Owen Meany. I cannot believe it didn’t come up when we were in Chicago!

    Nashville waits for you with bated breath. :)

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