Wonderful prizes for all Christians!

A pastor friend of mine on Facebook shared this picture in a group I’m in and I had to share it with you. Really, I’m not sure what other motivation you could possibly need to convert.

Heaven Gift Basket



So, what would you add to this list? I mean, I know it doesn’t get better than scented candles and baby kittens, but I’m sure you could add to the awesome! 

  • http://leftcheek.blogspot.com Jas-nDye

    If I wasn’t already a Christian, I’d convert just for the extra seasons of Firefly. Also, if I could NOT be allergic to kitties, that’d be awesome. Esp with all that dander. Thanks, Jesus!

    • http://www.alise-write.com Alise Wright

      I’m pretty sure Heaven Kitties are totally dander-free.

      • Monika Jankun-Kelly

        And you never need to scoop up their little messes either.

  • Agrajag

    Lennon is sorta questionable, I don’t think he even believed in God, though he did consider himself “spiritual”

    • http://www.alise-write.com Alise Wright

      Well, I don’t know that the Firefly thing is all that reasonable either, since television execs seem to think they’re already God & know best. ;)

  • http://sarahaskins.com Sarah Askins

    Clearly, this is heresy because in MY goodie bag there would be puppies. And one unicorn ride? Please, my OWN unicorn–purple glitter mane and tail. See 80′s My Little Ponies for specifics.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ann-Unemori/100001112760232 Ann Unemori

      How about puppy-kittens, with big brown eyes and cute whiskers, that can wag their tails and purr, and fetch sticks and play with yarn?

      • GrumpyDave

        That is just so not right! :)

  • Monika Jankun-Kelly

    Not sure what to make of this. I get it’s lighthearted humor, tongue in cheek, and thoughtful Christians aren’t religious just to get goodies when they die, right? I get that there isn’t consensus among believers about what heaven is like, and while some do have a notion that it’s just like life, but without the bad, and the good turned up to 11, others say it’s a state of being beyond our comprehension. They don’t actually believe it’s a bunch of white robes playing harps on clouds, that’s just symbolic imagery on Hallmark cards. (What is the origin of the harp symbol anyway? A line in the Bible about praising God with song or music? Would love to read that anthropology paper!) Regardless, what the religious believe the afterlife is or isn’t like has little to nothing to do with people’s reasons for not being religious. It’s more about wanting a basis for life that’s rooted in reason, compassion, evidence, free will, personal responsibility. (I get many Christians are fond of all that too, and reconcile it with faith and theism.) Also, not having to explain how the God that commits and commands atrocities is really all about love, that’s a biggie. I probably just overanalyzed a joke post. Attempting to lighten up now. Will admit you could really tempt me with Firefly seasons 2-10 and kittens. Why isn’t peanut butter chocolate ice cream on the list? ;)

  • Jo Malone

    The WWJD wristband would be redundant cos you can just wander over and ask Him :)