Who I Am


Who am I?

I know who people tell me to be.
The smokin’ hott wife.
The Pinterest perfect mom.
The articulate writer.
The long-suffering friend.

But much of the time,
I am not.

“Conform to this political ideology.”
“Believe this particularly theology.”

No matter what I choose,
it’s wrong,
at least according to someone.

So I ask again,
Who am I?

I am
created in the image of the One
who is
I Am.

So perhaps,
instead of searching for who I should be,
I need to remember
who I Am.

  • http://deuceology.wordpress.com Larry Carter

    The Popeye philosophy: I yam who I yam

  • pastordt

    YES. Perfect.

  • http://ear-sword-miracle.blogspot.com/ Miles O’Neal

    Boy, howdy, and a freakin men.