We Are More by Emily Wierenga (Plus a Book Giveaway)

Today we’re taking a break from the Mixed-Up Faith series, and Emily Wierenga is sharing here to celebrate the release of her new book, Mom in the Mirror. You can check out the book trailer here. And be sure to see details at the bottom of the post on how you can win a copy!


MomMirror high res coverWe are the heartbeat of the home.

But more than that, sisters…

We are the heartbeat of the world.

I see a woman’s Facebook status rejoicing that she’s lost 45 pounds, and multitudes are clicking “like” and it’s near-triggering me to check what I’m eating, to hop back on that anorexic train to skinny-ville.

And I think we can be more. More than our weight, more than our looks, more than our jean size, because I have two chubby-faced boys staring up at me as I write and they see me as so much more.

They see me as Mama. As nurturer, as creator of love and life and they see me as HOME. They see me as soother of fears, as prayer warrior, as getter-of-, as lover-of, as hugs.

They call my name always, they never stop calling me, and they smile every time I enter a room. Cry, when I leave, and one day, I will stop being their world, but they will never stop being mine.

I have a 52-year-old friend who is single, and stunning, and she wants to get married but God hasn’t opened that door and so she waits. Pure, and holy, she waits. And she is one of the most radiant women I know because she is more. MORE than what the world says she is. MORE than single, she is steadfast and faithful and prayerful and devoted. She reads the Bible more than anyone I know, and God is currently using her to mentor fathers of daughters. Every month, her living room is full of married men, and she helps them get back on track with their families. This single lady is not letting a stereotype define her.

We aren’t just the reflection in the mirror, friends. We are what we see in our family’s faces. We are what we see in our friends, in the people we disciple or mentor, in the face of the fast-food server, because how we treat others and ourselves is what we look like.

So I implore you, as bearers of life, as vessels of God’s creative spirit, be careful how you live, how you write, how you talk, how you love.

Because you are MORE.

You are the heartbeat of the world. 


I’m giving away a hard copy of my new book today, Mom in the Mirror: Body Image, Beauty and Life After Pregnancy, co-authored by Dr. Dena Cabrera, and foreword by supermodel Emme.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Giving birth produces life in more than one sense. It’s the baby powder, milky-breathed spirit found in the softest limbs you’ve ever felt, and it’s the respect a man feels for his wife as he watches her give up her body for another.

And it’s the deep-rooted soul satisfying feeling of knowing you were born for more than the mirror. That you were born to see the face of God in your child, and to know, you yourself are a miracle.

I want you to have this book! Tell me ONE thing that you love about yourself, and you’ll be entered into the draw!

Otherwise, you can order it through the book’s website, here: www.mominthemirrorbook.com.

Emily Wierenga is a mom to two beautiful boys, wife to a handsome math teacher, and author of Chasing Silhouettes: How to Help a Loved One Battling an Eating Disorder (www.chasingsilhouettes.com) and Mom in the Mirror: Body Image, Beauty and Life After Pregnancy (www.mominthemirrorbook.com). To learn more, please visit www.emilywierenga.com

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    That I tell the truth.

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    I’m not a mother, so rather than enter the contest by answering the question, I’ll just tell you that “we are more than our looks” is like a restatement of my personal mission: to love people from the inside out and motivate others to do the same. http://lovingfromtheinsideout.blogspot.com. :)

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