The Walking Dead or Darol is the Worst Mash-up Name Ever


Okay, I promise I won’t post this every week, but I did want to let you know that I’m going to be doing a regular recap of The Walking Dead with Clay Morgan and Knox McCoy after every new episode. I love this, because unfortunately, there just aren’t enough people in my real life who love the show and I need to share my love of The Walking Dead and my hatred of Lori Grimes with as many folks as possible.

So if you’re a fan of the show even though Lori is terrible, and Shane is gone, and Carl has a stupid face, and Carol and Daryl are probably going to hook up and make everyone sad because they have rhyme-y names and that is THE WORST, be sure to subscribe to the Xtra Bacon podcast. You can also follow along on Twitter and on Facebook.

Check this brief clip:

For the full episode, click here.

  • Val

    This is awesome Alise! We love the Walking Dead. I’ll be listening in every week. Will pass on the bacon though. Vegan here.. :-)

    • Alise Wright

      Ah-ha! Well, then I’ll have EXTRA xtra bacon. ;-D

      Glad you’ll be listening. It’s super fun to do. Those guys crack me up pretty much constantly. It’s awful – I’m now the straight man on TWO podcasts. Depressing.