The Deception

'Snow on spruce tree needles' photo (c) 2009, Loren Sztajer - license:

Snow falls gently
covering the ground
one crystal at a time.

We see a fresh blanket of snow
and we are reminded
of beauty,
of innocence,
of forgiveness,
of uniqueness.

But this is not all that is there.

To see only this ignores
a man shivering in its cold.
a family left homeless from the roof cave-in.
a motorist abandoned on her way home.

In that blanket of snow exists

One truth does not negate the other.
But choosing to see only one side
is to see a deception.

  • Janet Oberholtzer

    Beautiful poem and thoughts!

    • jesuswithoutbaggage


  • Deb Palmer

    Touching … and true.

  • Sheila Warner

    This is so very true. My sister lives in the middle of the recent ice storm. I worry about her safety. Snow does indeed bring both beauty and destruction. I hope you are well.

  • Betsy Henning

    This is a beautiful piece of poetry. Heartwarming and heart wrenching. And true.

  • Scale Lily

    If you don’t see, then you don’t feel nearly so bad and it can’t be said that you ignored.