Tell Me About You #8

I’ve got some new readers around these parts, not to mention those of you who have been around for a while, and I love getting to know all of you better. So it’s time for another round of Tell Me About You!

  • Last night Jason and I went to see the RiffTrax guys do a live evisceration of the movie Birdemic. In the movie, our heroes (who are supposed to be a Victoria’s Secret cover model and a millionaire software salesman) went to an “Art and Pumpkin Festival.” If you went to a festival that featured two incongruous aspects, what would they be?
  • The point of this movie was that the birds were somehow turned evil by global warming. I’m sure the director cares about environmentalism, but this was probably some of the very worst propaganda that I’ve ever seen. What cause would you like to “help” and how could you do everything in your power to make that not actually happen?
  • Last week when we were recording the Nooner, I was drinking what looked like a Screwdriver, but was a grape-fruit flavored vodka mixed with mango juice. I called it a Tropical Screwdriver, which wasn’t a very good name. If you were creating a new cocktail, what would be in it and what would you call it?

Let’s get to it! I’ll see you down in the comment section!

  • Alise Wright

    1. The Spaghetti and Tattoo Fair

    2. I love playing in my cover band AND I love Arrested Development. I think if I wanted to destroy them both for all eternity, I would run this video on a loop for 90 minutes.

    3. If I’d been more on my toes, I would have called my concoction above an Allen Wrench.

  • Cam

    These are tough questions! I love it haha

    1. I think a drag-queen vegan cook-off would be hilariously fascinating.

    2. My cause would definitely be gay rights…destroyed by playing bad Boy George and George Michael covers sung by Lady Gaga – actually that might be hilarious. Can you imagine Gaga and Boy George doing a duet? That might be fantastic.

    3. Considering how much I love my cocktails (and the fact I used to be a bartender) I’d be better at coming up with something for this one… We did make an “apple pie moonshine” the other night and was thinking of dropping a shot of vanilla vodka in it too. We’ll call it Cam’s Concoction or maybe Bennett’s Brew.

  • Larry Hehn

    1. Cigars and music of the 1970′s.
    2. I would be a sunscreen advocate and hire George Hamilton as my spokesman.
    3. I actually created one with my friend Tony about 25 years ago when we were young, single and bored. It was a splash of cognac and a shot of strawberry schnapps, topped up with 7-Up. It tasted pretty good, but looked just like its namesake, “Urine Sample”.