Tell Me About You #7

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I didn’t realize it’s been so long since I’ve asked you guys about you! I know that I told you about me last month, but it’s been a while since we’ve found out more about you. Unless the questions themselves just reveal more about me? I’m not sure how that works. Anyway, here we go.

  1. In my area (and really, in much of the States), there were some record breaking temps last week. When it’s really hot out, what is your favorite thing to drink to cool off?
  2. Brian Regan does a great bit about politics, where he suggests that the only two words on a billboard needed to make an informed decision about a candidate are “Leadership. Integrity.” What two words would you want on your billboard to let people know why they should vote for you?
  3. Early bird? Night owl? (And isn’t an owl a bird? So can you be an early owl?)
  4. If I did a podcast (about sex) with Tamára and Sharideth, would you listen to it? (Okay, that’s about me again. But would you?)

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  • Alise Wright

    1. I’m always up for a Peach Bellini. Particularly if it includes fresh peach in it. Nom.

    2. Loud. Laughter.

    3. I think I might BE that elusive morning owl. I’m naturally a morning person, but when the hubs is traveling, I tend to stay up entirely too late. 

    4. I’d TOTALLY listen to us talk about anything, but yeah, even THAT. ;-D

  • Holly Grantham

    1) Absolutely, hands down, a gin and tonic with lime.
    2) Real. Open.
    3) I LOVE the idea of the morning owl…naturally, I rise with the sun but I also subscribe to the “staying up late always seems like a good idea…” camp…and still wake with the first light.
    4) Absadamnloutely!

    • Alise Wright

      I feel like I would probably be a proper adult if I liked gin, but I just don’t. Terrible.

  • Sarah Askins

    1. Ice water….until 5pm when it is perfectly acceptable to down a light crisp CHILLED white wine.

    2. Coffee or Tea…there is only one right answer.

    3. Early bird who pretends to be a night owl

    4. In the words of #coffeeclub, Hellz Yeah!

    • Alise Wright

      Really, I do love water. And yay for a hellz yeah! ;-D

  • Erin M

    1. Peach Bellini sounds awesome.
    I like water with a splash of Peach Mango V8 fusion.  
    If I were in a dream world, it would be a Mimosa.

    2. Innovative, fun-loving

    3. I was born an early bird, but as an adult, I sometimes morph into a night owl.  I am currently shifting back to an early bird, but who know’s when I will become a night owl again. 
    Morning owl, I like it.

    4. Seeing that I am living in the land of Christian singledom, it would likely depend on the topic for the week. It’s less fun learning something that you can’t yet apply. ; P

    • Alise Wright

      Yes, hopefully we’ll have stuff that is applicable to singles, but I could see that being more often frustrating than not.

      Also, innovative is a great word!

  • Laura

    1.  NA beverage for hot weather is jasmine iced tea with slice of lime.  Later in the day (but it’s noon somewhere?) sticking with lime, it would be a margarita.
    2.  Skeptical.  Quiet.
    3.  Early bird.
    4.  Not familiar with Tamara and Sarideth, I checked out their pages to decide.  If you do that podcast, I’ll be listening! 

    • Alise Wright

      You would want to become familiar with the other ladies. They are a straight up delight. And keep your eyes on this page for deets. ;-D

  • Heretic Husband

    1.  Ice water.
    2.  Hilarious. Awesome.
    3.  Early bird.
    4.  Yes!  Would you let me be a guest on it?

    • Alise Wright

      We’re still feeling out the whole guest thing. First we need to record some episodes and see if we can figure it out!

  • Andrea Cumbo

    1. I’m going with margarita on the rocks.  No fruit.  Just a little extra tequila.

    2. Compassionate. Intentional.

    3. I am exactly a middle of the day person.  I work best from about 9am until 6pm.  Too bad I hate those “regular” jobs.

    4. Sure, I’d read. :)

    • Alise Wright

      I’m about worthless in the middle of the day. If I don’t get stuff done in the early part of the morning, it’s not getting done. 

  • Melissia

    1. Personally, water. But most people around here would probably say a margarita.
    2. I would never, ever want to be elected to public office. But the two words I’d like to see in my obituary are “kind” and “understanding.”
    3. Night owl.
    4. I prefer to read, not listen… so regardless of the content or guests, I probably wouldn’t listen.

    • Alise Wright

      Kind and understanding would be good words to be remembered by, no doubt.

  • Kirsten

    1. Wine. I prefer cold sweet whites. I love Riesling. If I don’t have wine, whisky or tequila. I have Celiac so, most beer is out. 

    2. Acceptance and honesty

    3. If I’ve had more than 6 hrs sleep, morning owl. If not- I rock it middle of the day

    4. Of course! I’ve already Liked it on FB. I’m very excited. 

    • Alise Wright

      I love wine, but I’m a room temp red drinker, so that’s not very helpful when it’s hot out. For whatever reason, I’ve just never been a huge Riesling fan. I’ll drink it, but it’s not my go-to wine.

  • Jaklyn Larsen

    1. Iced coconut milk latte. Of course, I’ll drink coffee anytime…

    2. Sarcastic. Nonsensical.

    3. Night owl who can actually manage mornings. In other words, I’ve given up on ever sleeping.

    4. Yes, I’d listen! And that says something, since I’m not all that into podcasts still.

    • Alise Wright

      You know, I’d drink coffee any time too. Hot or cold.

      • Miles O’Neal

         I love coffee, but I seldom drink it cold (aside from the odd, bottled Starbucks Frap or canned espresso I keep for emergencies), so I didn’t think that counted. For mine.

  • Eric

    Alise, Loud Laughter for you is only one thing for you……

    • Alise Wright

      Yeah, I know. But my loudness does extend to more than just my laughter. ;-D

  • Caris Adel

    1. We’ve fallen in love with the Smirinoff Mixers.  Cheap and good.
    2. Analytical. Passionate.  I’m actually interviewing this week to be named to our library board, and that would be up for election in a couple of years…that’s as political as I hope to ever get, lol.
    3. Absolutely a night owl, and dh is a morning bird, so that is frustrating.  I usually go to bed with him, losing my good writing time.  Sometimes I’ll get up after he’s asleep and come back down to read or write.
    4. That would be awesome! I play podcasts while I’m cleaning or exercising or tuning out my kids.

    • Alise Wright

      Jason & I are the opposite as well. I’m mostly a morning bird & he’s the night owl. But since he likes sleep a lot, he’ll still go to bed with me whenever I turn in. 

      And I love to listen to podcasts when I exercise as well. Then I laugh and freak out the other people who probably think I’m laughing at them. 

  • Eddy Damas

    1) Ice water
    2) No. Bull.
    3) Somewhere in between.
    4) Only if it’s raw.

    • Alise Wright

      Well, Tamara & Sharideth are pretty raw as well, so I think that’s kind of a given with us.

  • Denise Dilley

    1) My drink of choice is always an ice cold can of Mt Dew!  But my new favorite beverage of the summer that I consumed plenty of when it was super-duper hot outside was Mike’s Black Cherry Hard Lemonade.  SO GOOD!  ;)

    2) My billboard would say, “Don’t vote for me.  I don’t want that kind of responsibility.”  

    OK, I realized that’s not the kind of answer you wanted.  So, I guess I would have to say my two words would be: Dedicated & Determined.

    3) 100% night owl who desperately wants to be an early bird.

    4) Sorry, but no, I probably won’t listen to your podcast about sex.  Not because I don’t like sex.  I love it & don’t get enough of it, but that’s another issue.

    • Alise Wright

      Oh, not getting enough = really, really unfortunate. Sorry. :(

  • Jim Fisher

    1. Surly Furious

    2. Empath, adaptable

    3. I am out feeding the cardinals long before they start singing for their breakfast. I often have a 20-mile bike ride in by 7 AM – before it gets too hot.

    4. Can’t speed read (or sit still long enough to watch) a video or podcast. Sorry.

    • Alise Wright

      Yup, we’re still hashing out the deets, but it would be available on iTunes & at our website for download. And headphones will likely be a must for this one. ;-D

  • Jake

    1- Black Butte Porter
    2- Honest. Stabby.
    3- Have to work early, have to stay up late to write…..
    4- Yes. Emphatically, yes. 

  • Jason Hague

    1. I love a Corona with lime. Power of suggestion? Probably.

    2. Career Politician (What? I don’t want a part time heart surgeon come bypass time.)

    3. I have 5 kids. I don’t sleep. Ever.

    4. Um, uh… (Face turning red, slipping under the table and banging head in the process…)

  • Miles O’Neal

    1. I’m a desert rat, so I actually enjoy the heat (at least if it’s dry, which it often is in central Texas). But Dr.  Pepper, iced tea, and ice water all make my body happy.
    2. Free hugs. I’m way more about relationship than rules (of any sort)
    3. Night owl! If I voluntarily see a sunrise, it’s usually because I was up all night. And yes. Yes, you can.
    4. Absolutely.