Tell Me About You #6

Crudely drawn cartoon = proof enough for me! Thanks Melissa F. for this image and the laugh!


I’m getting ready to head out to the Sacred Friendship Gathering tomorrow, and I didn’t write anything ahead of time, AND I like to get to know my readers better, so today we’re going to do an about you post.

  1. If you could have one apparently magical piece of clothing that fundamentally changed something about you (because clearly, the above picture could even change thigh size, without even touching her thighs!!!), what would it be?
  2. Along the lines of “Everybody Wang Chung tonight!” – what would people be doing if they used your name as a verb?
  3. When was the last time that you did something for the first time?

I’ll meet you down in the comment section!

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  • Alise Wright

    1. While that swimsuit is tempting, I’d really like a magic headband that would just make my hair change to the color that I want, and become whatever hairstyle I’d like. I’m TERRIBLE about doing that stuff myself, so that would be helpful.

    2. If everyone was going to “Alise Wright” tonight, it would likely mean that they were going to sit around reading and commenting on blogs and putting off work that actually needed to be done.

    3. I haven’t done it yet, but tomorrow I’m going to rent my first car. I’m closing in on 38 but have never done that before. Is that weird? I think that might be weird.

  • sharideth

    1.  already own it.  it’s called a girdle.  and it is magic.  by magic, i mean industrial.

    2.  if everyone “sharidethed”, it would mean they were about to be surprisingly awkward and probably drinking.

    3.  i ate Chik Fil A for the first time at the Killer Tribes Conference.  because i live on the edge like that.

  • Adrian Waller

    I would love a t-shirt that gave me an extra 10 lbs. I’ve been ridiculously underweight my entire life.Hmm… Probably gasping for air. Recently, I grilled salmon for the first time. It wasn’t perfect, but it was delicious!

  • Cam

    1. Pants that literally make my legs longer and thinner. I’m mostly happy with every other aspect of my body. Just wish I was a wee bit taller and didn’t have to have every single pair of pants hemmed.

    2. People already ‘Cam’ only sometimes it’s known as Skype. But if people were to “Camicia” – well I’d like that to be something along the lines of ‘Gettin jiggy wit’ it’, not that I personally would do it, but it would be awesome to have a Fresh Prince association. 

    3. I haven’t done it yet – but tomorrow I will be driving all the way to the state capitol with a bunch of people I have never met in person to watch one of the Well Written Woman writers give a speech at the Unite Against the War on Women rally. It will be my first political activist adventure. I even made a fancy shirt to wear. 

  • Janet Oberholtzer

    1. Magical leg warmers that make muscle, tendons and smooth skin grow.

    2. If anyone pulled a “Janet Ober”… they’d think about the best blog posts to write while they are running, but then never actually write the posts. But they might run farther than they thought they could. 

    3.Two days ago, my longest training run/walk/run! 16.2 miles for my upcoming marathon. I should clarify and say that’s my longest run post-accident, because my life is kinda divided into BA (before accident) and PA (post accident)
    Yay, I’m kinda like Jesus with that ;)

  • Joy in this Journey

    1. Something to make my breasts perk and my belly flat while naked. (Cuz it’s super important to look perfect in bed with no-one but my husband.) (p.s. I can’t believe I just wrote that on the interwebs)

    2.  People doing the “Joy” would tip sacred cows, point out the elephants in the room, and ask the questions no-one dares to ask. They would ask forgiveness instead of permission. And they wouldn’t be intimidated by titles or authority. Dang. I’m feisty today. :)

    3. I think it would be a few months ago when I tried a new workout class that intimidated the hell out of me (Body Pump). Or six months ago when I attempted to dye my jeans darker.

    • Margaret

       I love this side of you!

  • David Ozab

    1 A magic hat that grows hair. 

    2 I hate to say this, but since I became a dad “to ozab” would mean go to bed early because your kid’s gonna wake you up at 6 a.m.

    3. First paid publication—last October.

  • Michael Mock

    1. I want a swimsuit that lets me breathe underwater. 

    Either that, or pants that make me smarter. I’d call them “smarty pants”.

    2. My name as a verb is almost too obvious to joke about. “Mock” me if you will…

    But if we were going on the basis of behaviors that need nominal verbs, it would probably involve ill-advised climbing activities. Like, “I really wish you’d quit Mocking around on that skyscraper…”

    3. Well, I’ve only had kids for about the last six years, so it has to be less than that.

  • Margaret

    Heels which make me tall enough that I would stop dreaming I might someday grow a few more inches.

    My boyfriend calls spilling food all over the floor “Margareting”

    I took my first plyometrics class a few months ago…and my legs still hurt.

  • Ben Emerson

    I would be needing some fingerless gloves that could shoot lasers. Like Iron Man.

    When people”Ben” they look for chasms when reading the bible. Sorry if that is too nerdy. Look it up.

    And I just turned 30. So that’s a first!

  • Dianna

    1. I’d like something that would make my stomach look flatter. That’s literally the only part of myself I don’t like. :/

    2. I imagine that the “Dianna” would be a dance you do in your car, by yourself, moving only your upper body in a rhythm that is just ever so slightly out of pace with the music.

    3. Last Saturday, actually. For the first time, EVER, I gave a complete stranger my phone number and went out on a date with him that same day. And I’m so glad I did, because it turned out to be a wonderful night.

  • connienoelle

    1. Pants that don’t feel like pants. If I had things my way, I would be frolicking in meadows in skirts and dresses all day long. Alas, I live in Canada, and cannot escape from this winter yet as this is where I am called to be temporarily, so I live with it. 

    2. In my first few years of undergrad, the people who know me best used “digging a Connie” to mean digging yourself deeper and deeper into a hole as you justify a random, blurted out comment. I definitely had quite a few of those “digging” moments :) 

    3. I went thrifting for the first time not too long ago – and it was a fantastic experience. I ended up with a whole bag of clothes for the price I would’ve spent on one shirt at a store. Since I gave up shopping for new clothes (for the most part), thrifting is something that allows me to be environmentally friendly, sustainable, thrifty and (I’d like to think) fashionable!

  • Brooke Eikenberry

    1. Because I like to rock a cloche, I’d like a cool hat I could wear that would dissolve all my social awkwardness/anxiety. Or lipgloss that would make anything I ate free of calories….
    2. Well, my name already is a verb (but not used much except in Jane Austen novels). To brook means to endure or put up with. Awesome. Piece of trivia: I like to use brook as a verb whenever I can sneak it into into my articles and online posts. ; )
    3. I made vegetable lasagne for the first time today, and I’ve also been teaching myself how to make gourmet cupcakes (hence the need for a calorie destroying lipgloss).

  • Leanne Shirtliffe

    -Pants that make my thighs firm, muscular, yet feminine-ish.

    -If you pull a Leanne, you’re saying something a little teasing/inappropriate.
    -I’m about to submit my taxes on the last possible weekend (in Canada) for the first time ever 

  • Christian Funny Pictures

    1. A bowtie to fix posture.
    2. Dancing.
    3. Answer a question like “when was the last time that you did something for the first time?”