Syndicated at BlogHer


Once again I have the honor of being syndicated over at BlogHer. A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece supporting the atheist bloggers who have been jailed in Bangladesh and Heather at BlogHer has chosen to run it there.

I just want to take this opportunity to once again thank you for allowing me to write about things that aren’t always what Christian bloggers are supposed to write about. Thanks for sticking around when I write about friendship or interfaith marriage or The Walking Dead. You help make this fun.

I’m going to be sending you all over today, but I’d love it if you’d stop by BlogHer and join in the conversation there. If this is your first time here, welcome! Spend some time looking around and be sure to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter!


Image: benjaminasmith via Flickr

  • Miles O’Neal

    You’re welcome, but to put this in perspective, if you only (or mainly) wrote about what “Christian bloggers are supposed to write about” I likely wouldn’t be here. That, to me, is the culture that turned Christian music, books, and bookstores (and much of the Church) into kitsch, fluff, bland, boring, and dumb. To quote Gollum, “We hates it my Preciousss, we HATES it!”

    Thank *you* once again for being real, and for just being yourself with us. It means a LOT. You rock.

    • Miles O’Neal

      Note: I don’t hate the Church. I love the Church. I hate the false dichotomies, the fear, the limited worldviews, and so forth that hold the Church down, individually and corporately.