Stuff I’ve Been Reading: Round-Up

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As much as I enjoy writing my blog, I love reading what others have to say as well. And one of my favorite things to do is to link up things that I’ve been reading. Almost every Sunday I link up my favorite half-dozen posts or so from the week.

Today I’m linking up some of my favorites things that you have written from this year. Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves with us. Narrowing this down was really, really tough. For all of my Stuff I’ve Been Reading posts, click here.

And now, off we go!

  • Posts about friends are some of my very favorite to read. One that makes me weepy no matter when I read it is this love letter that Jennifer Luitwieler wrote to her friend Bea.
  • Ed Cyzewski is kind of a hero to me in that he writes in a way that is kind. He snarks with the best of them, but much of his writing is characterized by kindness and understanding. He modeled that well with all of his “Belonging” series this year, but I particularly liked his post about dangerous people.
  • No year end wrap-up would be complete without a link to a Sarah Bessey post. This one about her daughter wanting to lose weight still wipes me out. Love, love, love it.
  • Addie Zierman is my favorite find of this year. I have come to love her words and am so thankful for the brief time that we spent together in Chicago in September. This WWJD post is one that I think of often when I am confronted by the horrors of the world.
  • Matthew Paul Turner has become a for real friend over the past year and I’m grateful for that. But even if we weren’t actual friends, this post about being tired of God would still be one of my favorites.
  • Another in the “internet people who have become actual friends” is Rachel Held Evans. And her post about accepting that she’s going to hell is one of my favorites from this year, probably because I feel this way an awful lot of the time.

What is the best thing that you wrote this year? Please link it up in the comments!

  • Melissa

    alise! thanks so much for the list. i had not read ed or rachel’s post. they were both moving and challenging!