Stuff I’ve Been Reading: Moldova Edition

Photo by Jenni Clayville

Photo by Jenni Clayville

I know it’s a little early for a Stuff I’ve Been Reading post, but tomorrow I’m pretty sure I’m going to want to hang out with my teammates, having a little Purcari wine and eating some Prestigiu wafers and crying, so this will be my last post from here in Moldova. Today I’m linking up my favorite posts from my team members. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know these women. They are incredible, strong, courageous women with amazing stories and I’m honored to call them my friends.

  • Nicole Wick was the team leader who invited me to join this team. I am so happy to have finally met her in person. I love the story that she shared about her experience with one of the girls. I had the privilege of being with her during this moment and it was a holy one.
  • The first thing you’re likely  to notice about Prudy is her kick awesome purple hair. But she has a gorgeous heart and that was evident all through this week. I particularly loved this post that she wrote about an amazing woman that we had the opportunity to meet on Thursday night.
  • I was a little bit nervous about meeting Jenni Clayville because I was worried that we might not get along. Fortunate, that has NOT been the case at all. She is a gorgeous woman and I crush all over her. She also wrote about Anastasia (seriously, this is a remarkable young woman and she is going to do amazing things).
  • When we were at the youth club, Maria gave some information about interviewing in the United States. This woman has quite a past and I’m so grateful that she won this trip.
  • Helen is Jenni’s sister and she is absolutely crazy. I love (!) her energy and the way she was able to talk me down when I was losing it in the high school. She and I went together on Tuesday, and I love her perspective about that trip.
  • Something that I loved about this trip was how racially diverse our team was, and I have loved seeing the Moldavian reaction to Makeda. While she is not a blogger, Makeda has guest posted a few times on this trip and I really enjoyed her take on our day in the high school.
  • Michelle has been the greatest provider of practical ways for the women here to experience empowerment through her self-defense classes. This post gives some great insight into why she came on this trip.
  • Amanda Sims was my roommate on this trip and I have had a fantastic time getting to know her. We’ve had some conversations about a whole range of things, including some discussion about her lost pregnancies. This post about why she is in Moldova when she shouldn’t be here is absolutely beautiful.
  • Idelette McVicker was probably the writer with whom I was the most familiar before the trip. Let me tell you, she is every bit as passionate and authentic in real life as she is in her writing. I am so thankful for the conversations that we’ve had. And I’m grateful for her request in this post.

My posts from this week:

I will have information on how you can help Beginning of Life through Children’s Hope Chest later this week. This will be my last post from here in Moldova. Thank  you for your prayers while we’ve been here. I will catch you again when I’m back in the states and have had a couple of days to hug my family. I’ll see you in a few!

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    I’ve missed a few of these so I’m going to take the time to catch up. I’ll be praying for you all as you wrap up your time in Moldova.

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    Words are food for the mind. I woke hungry and you served a buffet!

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