Stuff I’ve Been Reading

Hi friends! I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving week. I enjoyed the time off and am excited to get back to blogging this week. In the meantime, here are a few posts to enjoy on your Sunday.

  • I loved this post from Sarah Moon following the decision from the Church of England refusing to allow women to be bishops. She makes some important parallels in this post.
  • Shawn Smucker shares the best word he can as a response to our consumerism and our hatred of consumerism.
  • Andi Cumbo will soon be releasing her first ebook. I love this post announcing that release. Be sure to get your free copy by subscribing to her blog. Totally worth it.
  • I am so excited to hear about Addie Zierman’s book project. She is such a stunning writer, I cannot wait to hold her words in my hands.
  • Kristen Howerton over at Rage Against the Minivan wrote a great piece about her son Kembe having his picture taken all over Machu Picchu. It’s a terrific blend of annoyance and humor.
  • With the holidays upon us, I would like to remind you of my book Not Alone: Stories of Living with Depression. It is important to remember that depression often intensifies over the holidays. This book can help those who deal with depression feel less alone.

What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Link it up in the comments!