Stuff I’ve Been Reading


Hello, happy people! Also, hello to any grumpy readers that may have stopped by! I hope you’ll feel a little better after clicking through some links.

  • I loved this pair of letters from two friends. Heather King wrote a lovely letter to her gay friend Vikki, and Vikki wrote a stunning reply back. It is a joy to me to see friends remembering that issues involve people.
  • Preston Yancey wrote one of the best pro-life pieces I’ve read in a long time. As with most of Preston’s pieces, take your time reading this. His words deserve your time.
  • I loved this piece about the death of Christian America by World Vision president Richard Stearns (by the way, you should definitely read his book, The Hole in Our Gospel).
  • My friend Sarah Bost-Askins has been dealing with a lot right now. I love how she chose to share some of that pain with her readers this week.
  • Great post about empathy this week from Kristin Tennant. I’ve been thinking a lot about that topic over the past few weeks and it seems to be popping up in my radar a lot more.
  • A bunch of my bloggy friends put together a new “$#!+ People Say” video. We did “$#!+ people say on Facebook During an Election.” The apocalyptic comments can be really frustrating to read in your feed, but when read dramatically on film, they just become fun. Enjoy.


What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Link it up in the comments!

  • Preston Yancey

    Thank you, so much, dear friend. Honoured.

  • Ryan Haack

    My post from yesterday seems to be resonating with people. It’s about how being different is awesome. And that I like to take baths.

  • Stephen Taylor
  • HeatheroftheEO

    thank you for including the letters, Alise. Also. The facebook video is hilarious.

  • Connie

    My latest post is freakishly similar to the “we will endure” thing, but with a different slant: we will survive the Obama presidency just like we’ve survived all the ones that came before it. I’m not saying that out of voting for Romney–I didn’t, just…in *response* to all the s*** people say on FB during election season! lol. I embedded This American Life’s devastating most-recent episode, which told stories of how many have used political differences to drive wedges between themselves and loved ones, and I ended with a plea for tolerance.

  • Vikki

    Thanks for sharing the letters between Heather and me!

    Also, I had to stop watching that video because I was laughing too hard at the comment about the Republican party being bought by Arabs.