Stuff I’ve Been Reading


Hello! Snagging a few minutes to share some of my favorite reads from the week. Be sure to click through and let the authors know what you think!

  • So incredibly happy for my friend Elizabeth Esther and her book dealS. Absolutely wonderful news. Her story is amazing and I have no doubt that she will tell it with honesty and beauty.
  • Shawn Smucker wrote all kinds of great stuff this week, but my favorite was his piece at Tamara Lunardo’s blog, where he gave us the deets about how he and his wife managed sex on the bus with four young kids. This is a lovely, funny piece of writing.
  • Loved this cartoon from David Hayward. His thoughts about labels were really good as well.
  • Bryan Allain gives some really good creative advice. Worth the reminder.
  • Joy Bennett asked a question at her blog this week that I think more than one pet owner has asked.
  • As part of my Do Year, I signed up to go to Story in Chicago. I cannot explain how excited I am about this. If you’re going, be sure to let me know so we can hug!
  • On Friday night, Jason and I went with our friends Eric and Renee to see Dave Matthew Band. He played a new song that I fell in love with. It amazes me that someone who has been making music so long can still put out something that makes me think and is just plain beautiful. Gives me lots of hope.

What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Link up in the comments!

  • Lisa Colón DeLay

    I have an Essay going into the Story participant notebook this year…so I’ve really wanted to go…..but when I checked out what it all would cost to go, it came to about 1 k. gulp. I’m going to really miss it. sigh.