Stuff I’ve Been Reading

Hi there! I hope that you’re having a lovely day. Here are a few links that I think will help it be even better.

  • Don’t click a single other link on this list until you’ve read this piece by Erika Morrison. Her “plus one” idea is just straight up awesome and I believe it can change the world. Seriously, everything else can wait until you’ve read this.
  • Rachel Held Evans wrote a great piece about people leaving the complementarian movement. Or calling themselves complementarians when they really aren’t. Some great links in that piece.
  • Loved this explanation about spiritual transition in marriage from David Hayward. This has been my experience with Jason pretty much exactly.
  • Eugene Cho SLAYED ME with his list of Christian books that should not be published. I can’t decide if my favorite is Kenneth Copeland’s or Rick Warren’s. All are hilarious.
  • I link to Shawn Smucker all the time, but his wife is also a lovely writer. This week she wrote about how counseling benefited her.
  • This video that Knox McCoy found will make you want 400 tissues.
  • I saw some great Star Wars things on Friday, but I think my favorite was this piece over at Cake Wrecks. The pics are hilarious all by themselves, but the writing is just over-the-top awesome.
  • I’m going to be playing one of my favorite songs from last year. If you still haven’t downloaded Josh Garrels’s Love & War & the Sea In Between, please fix that now. Listen, it’s FREE. And it’s AMAZING. Please stop putting it off!

What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Link it up in the comments!

  • Kerry Miller-Whalen

    Hi Alise,
    I’ve been following your bits and pieces on male/female friendships with interest (I have a number of good male friends – though it hasn’t been without complications, at times) 

    Anyway, I blogged on gender roles and differences today, which kind of relates…  in a way!

    I also loved this post by Derek Flood (who always writes incredible stuff – worth waiting for, even though he doesn’t post often) on Jesus and homosexuality:

    (sorry my html skills are abysmal – so no proper links)

    • Kerry Miller-Whalen

      oh !  The links worked!!!  (isn’t your site clever – definitely wasn’t me!)