Stuff I’ve Been Reading

My brain is still spinning from all of the stuff that was discussed this weekend at the Sacred Friendship Gathering. Not to mention the opportunity to put faces and arms (for aggressive hugs) to several folks (and two more this morning!). I hope to write my thoughts about everything soon, in addition to the recap that I’m writing for Provoketive. If you haven’t read the live blog, check it out. Let me know if there is anything there that you’d like to see expanded and I’ll try to make that happen. Okay, on to the links!

  • This piece about divorce made easy by Kristin Herdejurgen is positively one of the best I’ve read about grace in a while. Do not miss it.
  • Dan Brennan (who is a straight up delight) wrote a response to the piece about cross-gender friendship that was at Her.meneutics last week. Seriously, if you haven’t read his book yet, you should fix that right away.
  • Michael D. Perkins is singing my song with this post about fear.
  • Lisa DeLay is giving away her new e-book (which is amazing), not to mention an opportunity to win some great prizes. Be sure to check this out!
  • Great reminder about being present from Jon Acuff and…Skrillex.
  • I so resonated with this post about “the system” by Ed Cyzewski. If you’ve experienced pain at the hands of a church leader, read this – it may help. It did for me.
  • The video below makes me profoundly happy. I love absolutely everything about it.

What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Link it up in the comments!