Stuff I’ve Been Reading

I hope you’ve been having a fantastic weekend. Things got a little yucky here over the weekend, but my husband is back home for a stretch, we got to see the new movie Chimpanzee on Friday, and I got to play a little music yesterday for an autism fundraiser, so I can’t complain too much. Enjoy the linkage below!

    • My friend Jen Luitwieler (who I hope to meet soon when she runs her first full marathon!) wrote a lovely piece inspired by Bridge to Terabithia that talks about our willingness to discuss scary questions with one another.
    • Have you struggled balancing your weight and your worth? Tamara Lunardo wrote a brief, but powerful piece about this issue.
    • Jessica Buttram introduced her newsletter this week. She is funny. And a great writer. And likes doughnuts. If you appreciate those things, you should sign up for her newsletter. As a gift, you’ll get a copy of her e-book. So make it happen.
    • Kathy Escobar has been writing a fantastic series about rebuilding after deconstructing. I’ve linked to the introductory post, but I highly recommend checking out all of them. (Another person I’m excited to meet – Friday!)
    • A lovely post by Kristin Tennant where she discusses the way that parenting is tailored to individuals, even if the parent is God.
    • One of my posts was included in a post about cross-gender friendships at Her.meneutics this week. Some really good conversation in the comment section. I can’t tell you how excited I am discuss this issue more this week at the Sacred Friendship Gathering. Be sure to check in at Her.meneutics tomorrow for Dan Brennan’s response.
    • I probably won’t be writing much this week because I’m going to spend every free second I have reading Stephen King’s new Dark Tower book, The Wind Through the Keyhole. Rich made me read the original Dark Tower series a couple of summers ago, and I’m telling you, they ruined me for fiction for probably six months. I’ve already got it pre-ordered, so as soon as it hits my Kindle, I’m out. Seriously, this is one of the few times that I’ll recommend something without reading it. I’m sure (!) it will be amazing.
    • Check out the amazing video below. It’s a bit long, but absolutely fantastic. Thanks to my friend Kevin for pointing it out to me!

What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Link me your favorites in the comment section!