Stuff I’ve Been Reading

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Hello! Lovely to meet up with you again this week. I’ve got some goodies for you, so let’s get to it!

  • Rachel Held Evans absolutely wrote my heart with this post about hating her brand. This is a crazy honest post. And I want to be better about remembering that part of celebrity (even really minor celebrity) is that we don’t see the whole person.
  • I loved this post by Leigh Kramer about making the choice to lop off all of her hair. She is an amazing woman and I love how fearless she is.
  • Fantastic reflection about the election of Elizabeth Eaton as the Presiding Bishop for the ELCA by Nadia Bolz-Weber. I remember preaching for hours on tape when I was very young, and being told that no, girls couldn’t do that. So yeah, this is big stuff.
  • I’m doing a new podcast with Knox McCoy and Mark Davis, recapping the final episodes of Breaking Bad. We’re trying to record on Mondays, so the episode should be available either late Monday or Tuesday. Check out last week’s episode.
  • This is just plain good news. I love stories like this.
  • I was in first grade in 1981 when this piece about the internet was released. I love living in the future.
  • There was a lot of driving last week, and I spent much of the time on the road listening to the new album from The Civil Wars. It is heartbreaking and gorgeous and if, for some reason, you still haven’t purchased it, fix that right now.

What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Link it up in the comments!