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Hi everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week! I miss being around here, but things are going well. I’ve got the introduction and first sample chapter off for edits. I hope to finish up the other sample chapter this week at which point I will try to get back to a more regular blogging schedule. Thank you so much for your patience through all of this. You can keep up with things a little bit more frequently at my Facebook page.

Now for some of my favorites from this week.

  • I really appreciated this response to the Zimmerman verdict last night by Christena Cleveland. We absolutely must be willing to acknowledge our privilege, especially as Christians. 
  • My dear friend Sonny Lemmons wrote a lovely reflection about being a dad and how he grew into that role. I’ve been missing that guys something fierce and can’t wait to see him and meet his family next month.
  • Also celebrating fatherhood is my friend Ed Cyzewski, whose son had his first birthday this week. I love Ed’s thoughts about his first year as a dad.
  • I absolutely loved this post by Preston about friendship and surrounding yourself with people who give you space to be yourself.
  • My friend Rob Stennett wrote and directed this video. I think it’s really clever and I’m constantly amazed that I know so many ridiculously talented people.
  • My co-host for The Weekly Dead, Knox McCoy released a new ebook this week about marriage. It is hilarious and insightful and you should go check it out right away. Plus, my friend Sharideth wrote the foreword. So yeah. GET IT.
  • Hemant Mehta asked me to comment about a piece on interfaith marriage. So I did. (Also, this made me really want to update my Christ as the center of our marriage post. Keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks.)
  • This is old, but it still makes me laugh and I’ve meant to post it here for a while. I will admit, I’m absolutely a slave to freaking Candy Crush Saga. This feels far more accurate than it should.


What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Link it up in the comments!

  • Ford1968

    Hi Alise -
    I’m a Christian married to a Jew. I so appreciated the Friendly Atheist piece and especially your comments. I wholeheartedly agree that values alignment is critical. I also think churches need to find ways to encourage couples. My husband and I have two great faith communities – at church and temple – who encourage us.

    On different note, I was evangelized to this week! I wrote about it here:

    • Alise Wright

      Oh friend, you’ve got it coming & going, don’t you? I’m glad that you have communities of people who support you – that means so much! And those off-guard moments of rejection really can hurt more, right? I hate when that happens & I’m sorry that it happened to you. Have a lovely Sunday!

  • Jenn Short

    I think my round up was pretty good this week. I especially loved the video of the week I added — I mean kids in monkey masks teaching bike safety — frightening. (I think this Candy Crush one will be what gets used for next week!)