'spider web' photo (c) 2006, Curt Smith - license:

The web is stretched.

Clinging to the railing,

held fast by barely visible threads.

There is beauty there

in the intricate, delicate design,

highlighted by the morning dew.

Beauty, but not perfection.

Ragged bits, torn apart

by bugs providing sustenance;

by sticks blown in by the wind;

by careless people walking past.

Beauty marred by daily life.

Awaiting its creator

to repair it;

to make it whole.


  • Carlynn Jurica


  • ShandaSargent

    *BEAUTIFUL*…..  Thank you for sharing.  I don’t think you write enough poetry.  I always love when you share this part of your gift.  :)   

    • Alise Wright

      Aw, thanks dear one. I’m always very hesitant to write poetry. I know people who do it so well. But the way I’ve been feeling lately needed way fewer words than an actual post. This was a way to say it without being whiny.