Separate Stories

A Deeper Family

Happy 2013, my dear friends!

This is where I welcome you to the new year here on the blog and immediately invite you to head somewhere else. Today is my day to post over at A Deeper Family, so I’d love it if you’d swing by there and read what I have to say about not writing my kids’ stories.

I remember when our lives were so intertwined that there was no aspect of her story that wasn’t my own. I could wrap her up in the sling and take her with me wherever I went. The way that her curls would tangle around my fingers, so our stories tangled together.

But as she and her siblings age, the way that our stories interlace will be expressed differently. We can never be fully separated, as they are a part of me, but the way that connection is shared must continue to evolve.

Read more here. (And I’ll see you back here tomorrow, I promise!)