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Today I am saved:

~by friends who make me laugh so hard that my loud laugh turns silent because I can’t even catch my breath.

~by the first embrace after another week apart, knowing that I fit perfectly with that man.

~by random Arrested Development quotes that always seem to come at the right time.

~by tears poured out in an email from a stranger, reminding me why I write some of the things I don’t want to write.

~by reassurances from my daughter that she and her siblings and peers have got this gay thing, so don’t stress about the injustice.

~by the increasing freedom to shut out all of the negative voices and just play on a Sunday morning.

~by seeing honest dialogue in the midst of disagreement and kindness in the midst of violence.

I am saved when I remember that I’m not alone.

That the people who surround me, who encourage me, who love me – these are the hands and feet of Jesus.

Today I am saved.


I’m linking up with Sarah Bessey as a part of her synchroblog where we talk about what is saving us today. What is saving you today?

  • Sarah Askins

    Today, it is poetry and coffee and remembering. Cussing through the pain and the prospect of looking damn hot in my cute new dress the weekend.

    • Alise Wright

      Looking hot in a new dress is DEFINITELY something that saves me. You go, my friend.

  • Sharideth Smith

    you’re pretty much the best.

    today i am saved because God is shoving His way into my life in spite of me.

    • Alise Wright

      I find that’s when that happens most – when I the least want it.

  • Tamára Lunardo

    I’m just so tired today, you know? But I laughed so much last night, so many times, with different people I love. So I guess today I’ll be saved by grateful memories; I’ll dig into them when my brain is telling me it just can’t do anything else.

    • Alise Wright

      Those memories are helpful in the yuck moments. I thought back on a few myself today. ;-D

  • Sarah Bessey

    Clearly, I need to be watching Arrested Development, eh? Loved this, Alise. xo

    • Alise Wright

      Your life will improve dramatically, I PROMISE. And then you will also want to randomly text me quotes from Arrested Development.

      Thanks so much for hosting this, Sarah. I needed it today and didn’t even know it.

  • Tara_pohlkottepress

    oh those loud turned silent laughes! those are the ones that make my top lip retract to very unflattering proportions – the one for upon seeing me you aren’t sure if i’m doing the ugly cry or the ugly laugh. :) i love that laughter too!

  • David Ozab

    “I am saved when I remember that I’m not alone.” I love this quote—sums it up for me. Don’t worry, I’ll give you full credit the next time I use it.

  • Jessica

    You’ll like this: When we were camping recently and building a fire, our four year old said “Dad, do you know that fire can make you die?”  To which I pretended to be missing an arm and growled “And THAT kids, is why you don’t play with firrre!”