Robot Update

A few weeks ago, my friend Andi allowed her followers to take over her Facebook page by posting whatever we desired on it. I’m trying to get my own Facebook page to 500 likes by the end of the summer (Have you liked it yet? Why don’t you go do that?), so I posted that. When I did, I realized that my blog description said that I write about faith, family, friendship, and the occasional killer robot.

While the first three are true, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about the killer robots. I mean, the robot is still a part of my blog’s design (and will be for as long as I have a blog and Laura is my designer). I think that more than anything, I like to pretend that they’re not actually going to be our doom, but we all know better. Zombies have nothing on killer robots.

The first way that they beat us is by being undeniably cute. But check out how angry this robot gets when it’s told that it needs to be quiet.

The other way that the robots will work their way into our lives is by being tremendously funny. Snarky, even. I’m a bit of a sucker for sarcasm, so they can get inside my brain pretty easily by this method.

As a professional musician, I’m particularly concerned about this robot. Because apparently they’re not content with killing our actual bodies, which is bad enough. They also want to be job killers.

Fortunately, the Mythbusters recognize the threat and are on the job. Hey science! Remember the kill switches!


Share your worst robot nightmare. Or most hilarious robot video. Go.

  • Sarah Moon

    Okay, so, in 5th grade the local fire dept. had a drawing contest for who could draw the best fire escape of their home. I won, so I got a bunch of free stuff/a ride on a fire truck and I had to go to the annual fire dept. open house to get it.

    So there’s this big party with free donuts and some guy dressed as a dalmatian and stuff like that. But there’s also this robot fire hydrant and it moves around and it TALKS and has EYES. But like, it doesn’t just say phrases. It has conversations with you, and it’s name is Pluggy.
    I was fascinated until I realized it was being controlled by some teenage kid sitting in the bushes and talking into a microphone. And then I was all, “meh.”
    But then my little brother, who was 4 at the time found the teenager and proceeded to be an obnoxious 4 year old, and the teenager got super anger and yelled at my brother. Told him to “Get out of here, you dumb kid!” Of course, the teenager said this into the microphone, which means Pluggy said it to a small child who happened to be standing nearby.

    The child cries. Pluggy goes insane and starts knocking over chairs and knocks over a table with donuts. My sister and I grab my brother and walk away slowly….

    The end.

  • Soul Walker

    You know what is great about robots? That they have gone invisible with RiffTrax. Of course invisible robots will be harder to kill once they turn on us… but at least they can make fun of new expensive movies now… I’m just sayn’.