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a love dare

Emily Wierenga is hosting a series on her blog called “The Love Dare.” I’m participating today with a story of a season when it was difficult for me to love myself.

I spent two years not touching a piano. And when playing music is where you feel the most like yourself, two years is a long time to go without feeling completely you.

I was told that everything I was doing was wrong in the area where I was the most passionate and the most alive. I was told that I could still attend the church, but I could have nothing to do with music. I was told that my passion was self-serving and that what was life-giving was an idol. When you receive that news, it kills passion. It sucks life away.

And when passion and life are missing, it can be difficult to love yourself.

I’d love it if you’d head over to Emily’s to read the rest.

  • pastordt

    Alise – what a gift to see these words in Em’s space today. On so many levels, I cannot even begin to enumerate them. Thank you.

  • Miles O’Neal

    Beautiful! And a lesson far too many have learned the hard way… or haven’t learned. I love the summary, too.

    Some parts of eth Church, by focusing too much on a handful of isolated verses, have turned the two great commandments into three:

    1) Love God with everything in you.
    2) Love everyone else, even though they’re slime (but some are redeemed slime).
    3) You’re slime. Stop loving yourself!

    Nobody, of course, preaches it that blatantly, bu that’s the message in some cases. Hardly Good news. 8^/