One Word 365 Update

I haven’t done an update on my “do” year in a while, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you know what’s been going on. (Feel free to click on any pics to embiggen them.)

I had the chance to attend the Sacred Friendship Gathering and meet some amazing people.

Great to meet some pioneers in the discussion about cross-gender friendship.

Kathy has the most lovely smile of anyone I’ve met.


This summer has been nice and busy for my band.

One of the main causes of and solutions to my insanity.

I know it’s anti-rockstar to smile at the photographer, but when it’s your hubby, I think that’s okay.


We had a lovely family vacation.

That orange and white slide is a beast.

Do I look exhausted here? Because I was exhausted here.


While on vacation, I had the chance to lunch with Rachel Held Evans:

Not pictured: the intimidating salad


A couple of writing projects:

Editing Not Afraid

Re-writing my proposal


What have you “do”ing this year? If you’re doing the One Word, how are things coming with your word?

  • Sarah Askins

    I have loved following you year of “DO!”

    My One Word is resolve, and so far, I’m still firm that my manuscript will be done this year, my poetry will have a home in a chapbook…that’s only the beginning. Here’s to finishing well this 2012.

  • RawFaith

    All of the above speak to a life well lived. :)

  • ShandaSargent

    It’s so fun to follow what you’ve been up to!  I think you are making good on your “Do!”  ((Hugs!))  

  • MaryCMP

    Two keyboards!  I’m impressed (from one keyboard player to another).  Do you play bass with the left hand?  Post some of your tunes!  Would love to hear your band.  

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