My Birthday Gift to You (and me)

First, I want to ask you to please consider making a donation to Nuru International today. Huge thanks to those who have already made donations! You are changing lives RIGHT NOW. Feel very good about that.

'Birthday Cake - Candles' photo (c) 2008, Jessica Diamond - license: now to you! My friend Shawn Smucker (who I only a little bit hate for being so incredibly talented) has graciously offered to give away a copy of his ebook Building a Life Out of Words for my birthday. The catch is that in order to get this book, you need to sign up for my newsletter.

I know, I know. More stuff in your over-crowded inbox. I get it.

But I promise. It’s not that bad. I only remember to send out newsletters maybe once or twice a month. I’d like to be more organized and send them out more regularly, but I’m me. So you’re not inundated.

Also, I always write new content for my newsletter. I personally do not care for regurgitated content in newsletters that I received, so I won’t do that to you.

And seriously, you get Shawn’s book. It’s quite lovely and he’s totally giving it away. To you. On my birthday.

Because in addition to being a phenomenal author, he’s also a really generous person. Which makes him like one of my favorite literary characters of all time, Charlotte. Not that I’m saying he’s a spider. Because I would never do that.

I would love for you to get this book. I would love for you to read my newsletter. Signing up today allows you to do both of those things.

So click here and sign up.

I promise, there are no spiders involved.

(And really, please consider making a donation to Nuru. You’re awesome.)

  • Shawn Smucker

    Happy Birthday, Alise!