Let’s end extreme poverty for my birthday. NBD.

I’m almost out of my thirties. Well, in one year and three weeks.

I have led a fairly charmed life in these (almost) thirty-nine years.

I’ve spent 16 of them married to my best friend. I’ve given birth to four healthy, smart, funny kids. I’ve never wanted for food or clean water. I’ve always had a roof over my head, shoes on my feet, and clothes for my body. I’ve had educational opportunities.

But so many do not have the same experience that I have had. Many are lucky to make it to celebrate a 39th birthday, and if they do, they face struggles for food, clean water, and education. 

Nuru International is helping to change that. 

2010 Nuru URL Logo

By giving people loans to purchase grain and teaching them better farming techniques, they have increased their maize yield 123%. With this, farmers were able to repay their loans (they have a 100% repayment rate this year for the first quarter), feed their families, and still have crops left to sell at a profit. Nuru has been in Kenya for five years, and this year they started a project in Ethiopia as well.

Additionally, they are offering help with healthcare and education. And they are doing all of this with the people who live there. Men and women are leading their communities and are making them a better place for those who live there with them.

Nuru is just a few years away from proof of concept, at which point they will make their system open source and give it away to any NGO that wants to help. 

I want them to SPRINT across that finish line because what they are doing works.

In order to help them do this, I would like to invite you to help me raise $500 to support Nuru. 

If you click this link, you can go to my birthday page and make a donation to Nuru. When you’re there, please share the link on Facebook or Twitter. You can blog about it or share this post. Get together with friends and do a yard sale and donate a portion of the money toward it. Instead of buying me a new Threadless t-shirt, donate that $20 to help someone feed their family. Whatever you do, get involved. My birthday is in three weeks and I’d love to see is hit the goal of $500. It doesn’t take a huge donation, just lots of small ones.

For more information about how Nuru works, check out this video.


Now, go make a donation. We can end extreme poverty in our lifetime. We just have to agree that we’re going to do it.

  • Monika Jankun-Kelly

    Nuru loans are also available on Kiva sometimes, if there’s any Kivans reading this!