It’s Hump Day, Baby

I have been a long-time fan of sex.

I am not a fan of the ways that sex gets messed up. By the culture. By the Church. By individuals.

So when Támara contacted me about doing a sex podcast with her and Sharideth, I was screaming yes, yes, yes almost immediately.

Hence The Wednesday Nooner was conceived.

And today, after much labor, it is born. (It wasn’t a totally natural birth – we all had some liquid pain meds to help it along.)

Every Wednesday at noon (Eastern time), we will be bringing you a podcast about sex. Ideas on spicing up your sex life, thoughts on surviving when you and your partner are apart, sex in pop culture, even sexual vocabulary words.

We aren’t professionals. No degrees, no training. We’re just three women who like talking, like sex, and like talking about sex.

We want to be informative and fun. We want to talk about serious issues, but with a lot of double entendre.

And most of all, we want this to be a group effort. Because just talking into the air will get boring.

So here’s what you can do. Go follow our blog at The Wednesday Nooner. Follow us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. Subscribe to us on iTunes. And once you’ve done all of that, interact! Let us know what you think about the topics we discuss. Do you agree? Disagree? Some other third thing? Let us know.

Get ready. It’s always noon somewhere.

(Reminder, The Wednesday Nooner is a show by adults, for adults. You won’t want to play this in your car while you’re shuttling your kids to their activities and you shouldn’t download it from iTunes at work. You may be embarrassed to share it with your friends on Facebook. That’s okay – we love you anyway.)

  • Soul Walker

    Congratulations on your maiden voyage.

  • Tamára Lunardo

    I am SO excited about this group effort. IYKWIM

  • Sharideth Smith


  • Heather

    It was good for me and I know it was good for you too. (Couldn’t help myself there)

    and how I made medical issues slightly sexy on my blog probably speaks in large part to sleep deprivation if not poor writing.

  • Kate

    So excited about this, y’all. I just found this through Good Women Project, and although I’m a single celibate 20-something (who loves alliteration, clearly), I’m PUMPED to tune in every week!