Guest Posts

There are so many talented writers out there. So why am I doing all of the work here? Time to end this free ride and get contributing!

What am I looking for?

Most of what I write about is related to unexpected relationships, so if you have something to say about that, I’d love to read it. Topics outside of that are also okay, but you may want to shoot me the idea before you write the post. If it’s good (which it probably would be, or else why would you be sending me a request to guest post?), I’d love to post it up here.

What are the guidelines?

Please make sure that you’re polite. We don’t have to agree, but I won’t publish something that includes name-calling, ever. Profanity is okay, but use discretion.

Please keep the post under 1000 words. Most posts here are around 500 words so keep that in mind, but as long as it’s under 1000, I’m not worried about it.

Please don’t plagiarise. Or give me something that you’ve already written for your own blog or another blog. I’m looking for unique material. If you wrote something I might like to feature on a Stuff I’ve Been Reading post, leave a link in the comments. But for a guest post, give me something new. And that you have written.

Please include an author bio. I love, love, love to promote the work of others. Seriously. So please include info about you, your website, business, social medial contacts, all of that. Not so much in the body of the work (no affiliate links there, please!), but let it fly in the bio.

Please include a picture. I personally use Wylio for my pics because they are my favorite place to get formatted, tagged, cropped creative commons photos. But any creative commons picture is fine. Just please make sure that you give me a link so I can credit it.

Please know that I will choose when (or if) your post gets published. An idea that sounded good to me may not translate to a post. I won’t keep you hanging. If I’m not going to publish it (or it needs to be tweaked for publishing), I’ll let you know within a day or two of your submission.

How do you make it happen?

If all of the above sounds agreeable to you, then shoot an email to with your idea. I’ll get back in touch with you in a few days (or sooner — I’m at the computer a lot!) and give you the thumbs up on writing a post and we can talk about how to make it so. Once the article is published, I’ll be sure to send you a link so you can promote yourself all over the place!

Can’t wait to hear from you!