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I’ve been blogging for six and a half years. Only a year and a bit of that here, but I’ve been tossing my words out into the Christian blogosphere for quite some time. But today I do something I’ve never done before.

I’m intentionally giving blogging advice.

I am honored (and a little nervous) today to be a part of the Spiritual Guidance for Bloggers Project hosted by Lisa DeLay, where I’m writing about how our community influences our faith, or at least, our perception of our faith.

Please know, I don’t do blogging advice because I mostly just throw stuff up and see what sticks. But this is one area where I feel like I might have a little something to share. When the same post will have your faith lauded by some and demonized by others, it can do a number on how you see yourself. If you write a faith blog, you will almost certainly encounter this phenomenon, and I hope my post today can offer a little bit of perspective about that.

So please pop over to Lisa’s site and share your thoughts about how your faith is influenced by your community. I’ll meet you over there!

  • Adrian Waller

    Can’t wait to see it!