Family Vacation

A Deeper Family

I spent all of last week on vacation. It was a little bit up and down, but once again, I had the opportunity to make some lasting memories with people who I love.

Today I’m writing at A Deeper Family about family vacations. I would love it if you’d head over and give it a read.

Also, this is probably the last thing you’ll see here for a little while. Rachelle spoke with some editors last week at a big book event and now I need to invest big time in the writing of my sample chapters so that they have something by which to be amazed.

I will absolutely get back to blogging (and if the mood strikes, I may blog while I’m working), but for the most part, I’m taking some time off to get this done. I so appreciate all of the amazing support you offer me. I can’t wait to continue to share this journey with you!

  • Matt Appling

    I was on vacation last week too! Much needed, and all the ups and downs made it memorable. Glad you had a good one. Best wishes with the writing! :)