Community Garage Sale

Writing can be a lonely gig. All of the letters in my Myers-Briggs profile are pretty wooshy except for that big, monstrous E-is-for-extrovert at the beginning. I love being around people. But I also become profoundly non-productive as a writer when people are around, so alone is how a lot of it works.

That said, you cannot do the work of writing alone. Aside from finding material from actually living, I would be absolutely nowhere as a writer without the help of a number of other already established authors who have given me advice and encouragement along the way. One person who has given me both of those things in spade is my friend Jason Boyett.

Most of the time, I feel like there’s not much I can do to repay that. BUT THAT ALL CHANGES TODAY.


Due to a bunch of complicated publishing rights stuff that I don’t fully understand, Jason had to purchase all of the copies of his book, The Pocket Guide to the Bible. Like all of Jason’s books, this is a smart, funny, informative look at the Scripture and the Christian faith. Jason writes the kind of books that I would never read, except that he is so entertaining that I want to (and actually do!) read them.

Recently, he lost the space where he was storing the remaining 1400 copies of this book and he and his wife had to move them into their garage. This is totally uncool because books deserve homes. And this book absolutely deserves to be read by as many people as possible.

I’m a part of an online networking and writing group (that Jason is also a part of) and when we heard about this not-great situation, we decided that we wanted to help Jason get these books from his garage and into your hands. So we’re having a garage sale of pocket-sized proportions! (This was after we abandoned a really elaborate scheme involving deception and theft and a middle school dance and the potential appearance of a Lutron Toggler.)

If you click this link, you can purchase Jason’s books at a ridiculously reduced rate. You can buy one copy for just $4. Or better, you can purchase a case of 48 books for just $48 or a case of 75 books for $70. (These are cases of books, so be prepared for some shipping costs as well – about $15 for a media mail rate or $30 for standard mail.)

We’d love to clear out these books in the next two weeks. And if you’re thinking, “What am I going to do with 75 copies of the same book?” here are some ideas.

  • Order a case for your youth group at church, or your Campus/Young Life group.
  • Order several cases as gifts for the students attending your summer camp.
  • Give books to the incoming freshmen at your Christian school.
  • Order a few cases and sell individual copies for $5 each for a youth/school/mission trip fundraiser!

No matter how you choose to use them, I promise, this is a book that you will enjoy and that will be enjoyed by those who receive it!

So go check it out. And let me know how you choose to use the books that you purchase!