Christian Parenting When Only One Parent Is Christian


I’m posting today over at A Deeper Family about parenting in a mixed faith home.

We also did all of the things that we were supposed to do as Christian parents. We took them to church. We stood in front of our congregations and promised to raise them in the Christian faith. We did AWANA and VBS. We took the Christian parenting class.

Then things changed. Jason is no longer a believer. It took us a while to talk to the kids about this change, but at this point, they all know. And while it was one thing to ask the kids to continue to attend church when Jason was in school and working nights and was just “too tired” to go, it’s quite another thing to ask this of them when it’s not something that both of their parents do.

As a result, our kids have been attending church much less regularly. One doesn’t go at all. One isn’t sure they even believe any more.

I’d love it if you’d stop over and read the rest.

  • Monika Jankun-Kelly

    Alise, I’m confident your children do know love. Your writing is filled with it. The religious and the secular simply disagree about the source of it. We can all see, practice, and value love. I’m sure your children are learning that from you and your husband.

    I find it very moving that even as you long for your children to embrace faith, you steadfastly respect their free will, and your love for them is in no way based on their religious status. If I have children who choose to be religious, I will remember your example, and be glad if I manage even half as well as you have.

    I’m hesitant to comment on something that is heartache for you. Don’t want to be insensitive. I just want to express admiration for how lovingly you handle this issue.