In the Church, but not of it

Lady Justice

My favorite presentation while I was at Wild Goose was hosted by Jared Byas with Levi Weaver. They spoke on spiritual creativity, and as someone who fancies herself a bit of a creative, I was interested to hear their thoughts on that issue. Jared’s talk and Levi’s performance were amazing, but one of the things that really struck me about them was that they both said that we had to get beyond cynicism if we wanted to create. They did not suggest that we could not experience seasons as a critic, but cautioned against setting up camp there because it is nearly impossible to create from that space because it can be just as limiting as the things that we’re cynical about. If we constantly put ourselves in the position of critic, the ability to see beauty diminishes and with it, the ability … [Read more...]

The Gap Between Here and There

Arop and Majong

My children love to visit their grandparents. My husband’s parents live here in town and they schedule regular sleepovers with the kids. My children go there to eat ice cream and watch movies and spend a night being spoiled. My parents take each of the kids on a separate vacation. Each child gets to choose a destination and they spend a few days being treated to a trip with their grandparents. Our kids hear funny stories about what we were like as children from their grandparents. They find out more about the family history from their grandparents. Grandparents and fun are interchangeable terms for my kids. For many children, this is not the case. The gap between here and there is almost unthinkable. I would love it if you'd stop over at the World Vision blog to read the rest. And … [Read more...]

Gift Me

I’m always a little bit hesitant to talk love languages because I have the most selfish-sounding of all of them. Because my primary love language is gifts. Which basically boils down to, “If you want to show me that you love me, give me stuff.” It’s kind of embarrassing.Of course, it means that Christmas has a special place in my heart. Sure, there’s the Peppermint Mocha coffee goo that I put in my morning joe, the plates of Christmas cookies that are passed around at family gatherings, the unending stream of Christmas music in my car, the rehearsals for church services. These are all wonderful parts of the Christmas experience and I look forward to them every year.But what I really love is that on Christmas morning, I’m going to get a present. It might be something small, it might be … [Read more...]