Post at The Well Written woman (6/22)

photo © 2009 Ged Carroll | more info (via: Wylio)I've got a new post up over at The Well Written Woman.I particularly enjoy “gadget” commercials. There is something delightful about watching someone get Very Excited about how much easier their life is because this piece of plastic helps them crack open eggs in a way that they never could have managed with just their bare hands! (read more)I'd love it if you'd stop over and give the post a read and let me know what you think! Subscribe in a reader or by email so you never miss a post! … [Read more...]

Post at The Well Written Woman (5/22)

I have another post up today at The Well Written Woman. My post is about what the world looks like now that there are no Real Christians (TM) left due to yesterday's rapture.Since the world is empty of real Christians, I figured I’d try to guess what it looks like. Of course, since I'm writing this before the rapture, I have to figure out who the real Christians actually were.I'd love it if you'd stop by and give it a read. Feel free to share it with all of your friends on Facebook or Twitter! This is a great site with lots of fun women. Thanks as always for your support! … [Read more...]

Post at The Well Written Woman

Yesterday the second part of my Why I'm No Longer Pro-Life piece posted at The Well Written Woman.When we found out that I was pregnant for the fourth time, my husband and I just laughed. We had already done the “terrified to be pregnant” thing a few times, so we just found this surprise simply amusing. We both knew that this person completed our family, so we were anxious to tell everyone about the newest addition. We knew that all of our friends and relatives would share in our joy. Except not so much.You can head over here to read the rest. And if you missed it, you can read part one here.I'd love to hear your thoughts! … [Read more...]