Repost: What I’m Really Saying


This post originally appeared on August 3, 2012. I know at these end of the year link-ups, you're supposed to include your most popular posts. But that's not my favorite post, and that's what I like to link up. This was a response to my most popular post, and I think it's the best way to wrap up my year. Because love is always what I want to be saying on this blog.   So I was kind of overwhelmed by the response to my post from last Friday. It was way huger than I imagined and kind of knocked me out for a bit. I mean, when your words even get shared on Google +, you know you’ve said something. Here’s the deal. I don’t want to “say something.” I mean, I do, but I think far too often what I really want to say gets lost in the details. I’m blessed to have a number of … [Read more...]

Repost: We Stayed

This post originally appeared on October 10, 2012. It doesn't happen often, but it feels pretty good to go back and read something that you're a bit removed from and to say, "Nope. Wouldn't change a word." This post falls into that category for me.   Three years ago, when Jason told me that he no longer believed in God, I had questions about our marriage surviving. I thought he might leave. He thought I might leave. We could have pointed to the statistics that said that we were now three times more likely to divorce, and no one would have blamed either one of us for taking that option. Our religious and irreligious communities would have supported us. "He's an immoral heathen, with no ability to appreciate life," mine might have said. "She's an irrational fool, intent … [Read more...]

Repost: Who’s the Bully Now?

Bullying hits very close to home for me as a mom. And the Christian treatment of the LGBT community hits close to me as a friend. The bill that this post references was changed to exclude the religious exemption. But bullying of the LGBT community continues to happen regularly in the Church. I'm thankful for those who speak out against this behavior and will continue to add my voice to the chorus.+++++++++++++++++++They're at it again.On November 2, an anti-bullying bill was passed in Michigan that had some last minute changes put in it. Once again, people who have chosen their lifestyle are asking for special privileges that will, almost certainly, make other people uncomfortable. Families will have to have difficult discussions with their children. Some may even feel like they need to … [Read more...]

Repost: Peace at the Laundromat

This is probably one of my favorite things that I wrote this year. Jason got me a new laptop battery for Christmas, but this definitely taught me that my best response to stuff that makes me THIS angry is taking a few minutes to calm myself. With this being an election year, I'll have to find time to launder lots of big items.+++++++++++++++I was livid. A prominent pastor said "Some of you, God hates you." This flies in the face of everything I believe about the God I serve, and it had me all fired up. I watched the full sermon to make sure I wasn't missing anything and it left me even more angry and hurt. I was composing a post in my mind. I was ready to ask some hard questions and make some strong statements.But I had to take my comforter to the laundromat. My laptop battery is … [Read more...]

Repost: The Hunger Games and My Stony Heart

This was one of my first posts back after my month off in August. I'll post the same warning now that I did then - this post has some spoiler information in it about the Hunger Games. If you haven't read those books yet, I highly (!!!!) recommend them. Great story-telling, interesting characters, powerful lessons that don't knock you over the head. And the trailer for the movie looks amazing. Anyway, the post isn't really about the books, but about choosing to be vulnerable. But read the books.+++++++++++While I was on my sabbatical, I read through the Hunger Games trilogy. Admittedly, I was a bit unsure about reading them. After all, I hated the last huge YA novel that took everyone by storm (15 pages of Bella's whining was quite enough for me, thank you very much). After being disgusted … [Read more...]

Repost: Winning Baby Dedication

I don't usually do straight up humor pieces here, but after a baby dedication at church one Sunday, this one just had to go up. Generally, if you're looking for funny, I'd encourage you to check out Matt Cannon or Tamara Lunardo, but if you missed this one, you might want to stick around here for a second, because I think this one was pretty funny. (Also, props to my friend Rich for his editorial advice on this one, which I really think helped it go from amusing to funny.)+++++++++++++++++I know that parenting is a competitive sport to some, though it usually doesn’t start until the child is old enough to walk, talk or kick a soccer ball in any direction other than toward an unsuspecting window.  However, I recently saw this same competitive nature applied to the Baby Dedication. At … [Read more...]

Repost: Lessons Learned

This was a post that didn't get a lot of play when it first ran, but it was an important one to me. It was good for me to think back of the season we had just been through and evaluate what I had learned from it. Jon Acuff is promoting that Finish Year at his blog. I encourage you to go check it out and share what you want to do with others. But while we keep our eyes on the goal, don't forget to enjoy the journey as well and take as much from that as you do from the result.++++++++++++++photo © 2007 Michel Filion | more info (via: Wylio)I intended to blog yesterday. I had a topic picked out and was starting to work on a post (I know, I'm supposed to be ahead here. I get it.). I got a few paragraphs in and got a call from Jason.About a month ago, he applied for a new job and we've been … [Read more...]

Repost: House Rules

Today's repost is yet another one from the One Word at a Time Blog Carnival. I found this particular link up through my Twitter friend Kathy. I don't always participate, but taking one word and trying to find an interesting way to talk about it is a wonderful challenge. I'm always interested to see how others will approach the word. If you're looking for an interesting writing prompt and link-up, I definitely recommend checking out this carnival. It runs every other Tuesday. Be sure to check it out!+++++++++++++photo © 2008 Alan Cleaver | more info (via: Wylio)In my list of "things I can't wait to do once Jason graduates and goes back to day shift," one item that is near the top is playing more games as a family. It's absolutely one of my favorite activities to bring us together. There are … [Read more...]

Repost: Let’s Do Lunch

I celebrated communion last night at 12:30 AM over coffee and blueberry pancakes. I'm dead tired today, but it was totally worth it. I don't think we can fully appreciate what God longs for in a relationship with us if we aren't finding that relationship with others. And sometimes that relationship needs to happen in the wee hours.+++++++++++photo © 2005 Bjørn Bulthuis | more info (via: Wylio)I love to eat. If we're getting together, odds are good that I'm going to ask to meet over some sort of meal. Partly because food gives you something to do if conversation lags, but mostly because I just really enjoy a good meal. Gathering with people that I love around a table is my idea of a great time.I think that's why today is my favorite day of Holy Week. Today is the day that we celebrate the … [Read more...]

Repost: A Velvet Crumb

March was kind of a banner month around here. I was invited to guest post for both Rachel Held Evans as well as Hemant Mehta, and I came out as gay affirming. Things were definitely kind of crazy around here for a bit. In the midst of that, this post kind of went by the way-side. So I'm bringing it back for another look.+++++++++++++++++++When you read blogs about blogging, one of the rules that folks tend to give is to make sure that you have an attention grabbing title. This is an area where I'm not particularly adept, so I'm always on the lookout for phrases that catch my attention. Something that says, "Hey, that looks like an interesting post, I should definitely give it a read! And then pass it on to all of my friends! And subscribe to the RSS feed!"So yesterday when I was sitting in … [Read more...]