My local Facebook feed has been alight with Conference talk for a few weeks now. First the news that Syracuse and Pittsburgh were moving to the ACC (damn you ACC, for continuing to raid our conference!). Then there was some talk of WVU moving to the SEC, but we were passed over with talk about our low academic standards. Then this week it looked like it was kind of a done deal for WVU to move into the Big 12. However Senator McConnell made a call and put the breaks on that deal, which caused WV senators Manchin and Rockefeller to also stick their noses into it. And of course there is all kinds of huge money at stake, regardless of how it all shakes out.Needless to say, all of this has been pretty hard on the WVU fans. Are we supposed to be loyal to the Big East? Do we throw our hopes into … [Read more...]

Stuff I’ve Been Reading

Another Sunday, another chance to link up to some of my favorite posts from the week. This week I'm posting some of my favorites from the Rally to Restore Unity. Enjoy!There were a number of amazing posts for the Rally to Restore Unity synchroblog, but my favorite was this one by Eric Pazdziora. "Maybe we just couldn't see it because we were looking at the things we want to argue about instead of the things we want to sing about."Ed Cyzewski wrote a letter to himself 15 years ago. I thought that was a really creative way to highlight unity not just within the whole body, but within ourselves as well.Kathy Escobar wrote about why we have a hard time following the Golden Rule.Elizabeth Esther wrote that our Catholic brothers and sisters love Jesus. I know!Kristin Tennant wrote a lovely … [Read more...]

Big Differences, Bigger God

There are a few people that I look for every Sunday between services. My dear friends Misty and Rich. My bandmates Eric and Rick and their lovely wives. Folks that I play with on the worship team and who help out with my kids. My new friend Chris who is one of the few people in real life that I can talk with about blogging at length (and with far fewer eye rolls afterward than I'm sure some of my friends give).And, of course, Kit.Alise and Kit between services on EasterI met Kit at a David Crowder concert at our church. We talked for a little bit that night and then became Facebook friends the next day.And I found out through Facebook, the way you often do these days, that we are very, very different. Like, polar opposite kind of different. Like, should I just go ahead and unfriend her now … [Read more...]