One Word: Balance


Last year was my "do" year. And baby, I DID. I said yes to a lot of things. Yes to a new job teaching piano lessons. Yes to a new church. Yes to writing and submitting a book proposal. Yes to a trip to Moldova. Yes to my first not-at-my-church speaking engagement. Yes to participating in two podcasts. It was a full year. But with all of those yeses, I let some things get away from me. My family has eaten way more pizza than is acceptable. I did not take care of my health or my house the way that I had intended. I allowed myself to become overwhelmed emotionally. I left some projects sitting that needed to be finished. This is how things tend to work for me. I throw myself into one thing (or five things) and I completely neglect others. Now I know that I can't do everything. … [Read more...]

It’s the end of the year as we know it

one word 365

I love blogging, but I don't always love all of the trappings of blogging. Which means that I don't generally participate in a lot of link-ups and blogging memes. So I was not planning on doing the One Word 365 thing. It seemed like another new year's resolution kind of deal and I just wasn't interested. Who needs another thing to fail at, right? But I'm a little bit of a sucker for peer pressure, and seeing one blogging friend after another talk about how their one word had changed their lives in 2011, I started thinking that maybe it was something a bit more than just a glorified resolution. As I was mulling over participation, I was in the midst of having some conversations with some online friends. Discussions about how much we'd like to meet and how it would be cool if we … [Read more...]

One Word 365 Update

That orange and white slide is a beast.

I haven't done an update on my "do" year in a while, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to let you know what's been going on. (Feel free to click on any pics to embiggen them.) I had the chance to attend the Sacred Friendship Gathering and meet some amazing people.   This summer has been nice and busy for my band.   We had a lovely family vacation.   While on vacation, I had the chance to lunch with Rachel Held Evans:   A couple of writing projects:   What have you "do"ing this year? If you're doing the One Word, how are things coming with your word? … [Read more...]

A Bit Much

  I absolutely love meeting new people. One of the goals for my "do year" was to put faces to some of my friends in the virtual village. It's easy for me to say, "Let's get together," and then never actually do anything that furthers the cause. I wanted this year to be different. One of the ways I was going to meet some people was through the Sacred Friendship Gathering. For months, I was really excited about having a chance to meet David Nilsen face to face. I've felt a connection with him since we met a year ago online, and I was very much looking forward to seeing if that translated to the real world as well. But as the date closed in, I got a little bit nervous. When I say that I'm an ENFP, I can't stress enough how much of an "E" I really am. Whenever I take a … [Read more...]

This Message is Approved by…Who?

So a few weeks ago I submitted a proposal to an agent. As part of my Do year, I'd been working on this and I felt like it was pretty solid. It was turned down. The agent was very complimentary. She gave me positive feedback on my writing voice. She made some suggestions regarding platform and marketing. But ultimately she said that she was going to pass on this project. There were a couple of reasons, but the one that stuck with me is that she said that my proposal was "too soft." In my desire to have something that I thought might be approved by the masses, I wrote something that wasn't good. The pieces were fine, but when it came down to it, I chickened out. Instead of writing the way I write, I opted for safety. Instead of writing in specifics about things that matter to me, I … [Read more...]

What I’ve Been "Do"ing

This year is already nearly a quarter over and I realized that I hadn't updated on my one word. I chose "do" as my word to shape 2012, and it's been interesting to keep that in mind as I go about my days.I would say that thus far, I have had mixed results.In the arena of personal health, I got back to running. I kind of slacked off during the first part of the school year, only getting out on the rare occasion to put feet to the pavement. I joined a local fitness center so that my whining about outside conditions can be thwarted as soon as they pop into my brain.I have not been nearly as justice minded as I feel that I should be. There are places where I need to become more personally involved. Donating money is good, but I feel like I need to be getting my hands in the mix a bit more. … [Read more...]

Should-ing Myself

The first post in the new year. It feels like it should be a momentous occasion. I mean, in the past two weeks, I've only written two new posts, so it's definitely time to pull out the big guns and write something that is profound and hilarious and proves that I didn't completely lose it while I was resting.Except that's not really how it works.Inspiration doesn't seem to know when it should strike. It doesn't wait for a new year or a birthday or a new blog or whatever milestone I've got planned. Inspiration does NOT follow my time tables. Which is really inconvenient on days like today when I feel like I should be bringing it.At the beginning of the new year, it's easy to look back over the past year (or past mumblemumble years) and think, "I suck. I should have given more. I should have … [Read more...]

One Word: Do

I talk. All the time.I plan. I discuss. I pontificate.That's all well and good. I can't change who I am and really, I'm not interested in doing that.But I want to be more than a talker. I want to put more action behind those words.I don't want to just talk about writing a book proposal, I want to write it.I don't want to just talk about meeting folks in the virtual village, I want to go visit with them.I don't want to just talk about helping the poor, I want to spend time at the soup kitchen.I'm going to keep talking, but this year there's going to be more.This year I'm going to DO."Knowing is not enough; we must apply.Willing is not enough; we must DO."(This quote was attributed to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,Leonardo da Vinci, and Bruce Lee.Take your pick.)++++++++++++I'm linking up with … [Read more...]