My Funny Valentine

My husband and I are truly the least romantic people ever. When we woke up this morning, he rolled over and said, "Here's to yet another Valentine's day not celebrated with you."I love that guy.Regardless of how you feel about Valentine's day, I think we all like to laugh. So here are a couple of my favorite Valentine laughs.Strong Bad's Vamlumtime's Day Teen Girl Squad. I absolutely want to be in a band called She Likes Cloth at some point.35 Geeky Valentine's Day cards. I could totally see my oldest passing some of these out, even in 8th grade.Invader Zim Valentine's Traditions. If this was bacon, my youngest daughter would be smitten.Doctor Who Love Coupons. For the Whovian in your life.The Biebs singing Baby. Because really, how could it be Valentine's Day without Justin Bieber? (Also, … [Read more...]

Tell Me About You #5

Things have been feeling a little bit heavy around here lately, so it's time for some fun. Which really means that it's time for another post that's all about you. These are always some of my favorites, so let's get to it!How many keys are on your key ring? How many do you actually use?What hangs on your refrigerator? What dark secrets does that reveal about you (or obvious truths, either one)?The Walking Dead finally returns on Sunday night. When the zombie apocalypse happens in real life, what kind of weapon will you be using?I'll see you down in the comment section! … [Read more...]

On Being a Fairy

A bit before Christmas I had the distinct pleasure of Skyping with my friend Tamara. She was every bit as delightful as I expected, but what I did not anticipate was just how completely won over I would be by her twins. These two little hobbits (minus the furry feet - as we discussed in our chat, they have "kid feet") charmed me over and over.But the main reason that these girls are my new favorites is because they called me a fairy.I have read enough Rainbow Magic books to know that fairies are tiny and adorable, and I am neither of these things. They're also magical and I'm pretty sure I'm not that either. But I probably have some powers that I may have to attribute to my newly acquired fairy status. Here are a few of them.Seinfeld quote powers. I have a firm belief that there is a … [Read more...]

Repost: Winning Baby Dedication

I don't usually do straight up humor pieces here, but after a baby dedication at church one Sunday, this one just had to go up. Generally, if you're looking for funny, I'd encourage you to check out Matt Cannon or Tamara Lunardo, but if you missed this one, you might want to stick around here for a second, because I think this one was pretty funny. (Also, props to my friend Rich for his editorial advice on this one, which I really think helped it go from amusing to funny.)+++++++++++++++++I know that parenting is a competitive sport to some, though it usually doesn’t start until the child is old enough to walk, talk or kick a soccer ball in any direction other than toward an unsuspecting window.  However, I recently saw this same competitive nature applied to the Baby Dedication. At … [Read more...]

Tell Me About You #4

Yes, it's time again for another "About You" post. Reading through the comments of previous entries, I'm reminded just how much I adore doing these, so here we go.You're MacGyver and you're not in any peril. But sitting around is just super boring. So what do you design to help with life's mundane tasks and what materials do you use to make it?What is The Devil's last name? Christmas movie The Polar Express: creepy or magical? If creepy, what part in particular? If magical, what is wrong with you?Also, today is my mom's birthday! This lady had to live with me for years and managed to survive nevertheless. I love you mom!Okay, answer up, folks. And feel free to wish my mom a happy birthday! … [Read more...]

Christmas Music with Klout and Justin Bieber

I. Love. Christmas music.So very much.I do my best only to listen to it during the actual Christmas season (which starts whenever we drive home from Thanksgiving at my parents' house), but occasionally something will get busted out during a time that is not strictly seasonal. Not often, but you know. Sometimes it just can't be helped.And as you probably also know, I just plain love Klout. How else will I know how influential I am? Besides, who among us doesn't need another way to feel inadequate?Anyway, Klout tells me (and I absolutely believe it) that I am influential in three categories.Religion & SpiritualityCoffeeJustin BieberTo continue my climb to the top of influence in these categories, and to celebrate my love of Christmas music, I'm going to do a little giveaway here on the … [Read more...]

I Kissed Dating (My Husband) Goodbye

Jason and I have never been very much for dating. When we first got together, we were a long-distance couple. We didn't see each other very often (about every four to six weeks), so when we were together, we chose to stay in. When we married, we were on completely different shifts, me student teaching bright and early in the morning and him working retail until late at night. We then moved, got pregnant, moved again, got pregnant three more times in under three years, and found that staying home was way easier (and cheaper) than trying to find a babysitter for four young kids.One of our best datesBut finding babysitters and time are just excuses. The real reason that we don't date is because we are very bad at it. We will occasionally have a nice time out with just the two of us, but those … [Read more...]

Writing Strategies for the Perpetual Procrastinator

Most weekdays I try to post something new to my blog. I have been able to do this consistently for about a year and a half now. Today I share my method with you.Jolt awake at 3:27 AM with a brilliant idea. Realize that you forgot to buy that notebook you've been meaning to pick up for the past 8 months for moments like this. Determine that this idea is so good that there's no way you can forget what it is, so rather than getting out of bed to jot it down, go back to sleep, secure in the knowledge that it will be waiting for you in the morning.Oversleep because you forgot to set alarm. After getting everyone out the door, remember that you had an idea in the middle of the night. Realize that you can't remember it, and promise to buy a notebook to put by your bed for moments like that so you … [Read more...]

Baby, this One Time I’m writing about Justin Bieber

I know that I primarily write about things like faith and family and friendship and the tension and joy that can exist in those relationships, but what you may not have known is that I dedicate a large portion of my writing time to figuring out ways to influence you about one Justin Bieber.I know that it may not seem that way at a first glance. While reading through the 200-something posts I've posted on my blog this year, you might notice that Justin Bieber was mentioned exactly one time in small, almost unreadable font. But don't let that fool you. The Bieb, as I like to call him, has been mentioned constantly in ways that no one except for the very perceptive machines at Klout have been able to pick up.Before we go any further, I must say that Klout is the most important thing on … [Read more...]

Book Review: A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans (Pre-Cog Edition)

When I heard that people were already reviewing Rachel Held Evans's yet unfinished book, I couldn't wait to jump on that bandwagon. I've been a fan of Rachel's blog for a long time (well before she was being interviewed on NPR and showing up on Oprah's blog), so I feel that I am uniquely qualified to offer insight on books she hasn't finished writing. I considered reviewing her third book, Pissing Off Liberals AND Conservatives by Daring to be Reasonable, but I thought that maybe I'd at least wait until she had pitched it to her agent.For the most part, I was impressed with what I imagined Rachel wrote. In my mind, she had, as one would expect, a fantastic blend of humor and insight. From talking about her weekend with Chip to making her own clothes, I believe that Rachel wrote about her … [Read more...]