Guest Post for Rachel Held Evans

On Mondays, Rachel usually blogs about something related to sexuality. I am honored today to share with you a rework of the speech that I gave on Friday at Wild Goose about friendship and sexuality, which is kind of a rework of this series of posts about friendship and attraction. We often talk out of both sides of our mouths. We encourage intimacy, but at the same time, we talk about guarding our hearts. Intimacy requires that we let our guard down, and yet, when it comes to friendship that might include any kind of attraction, we build walls to protect us. But we often don’t talk about just what those walls end up cutting us off from. As we are based more on fear, rather than on love, we cut ourselves off from the kind of intimacy that allows us to really rejoice with those who rejoice … [Read more...]

The Clash and Blend of Unity by Rich Chaffins


A few months ago, Rich posted, "Harmony is a gorgeous, needed thing, whether you're speaking of music, or people, or life." I thought that was fantastic and asked him if he'd like to expand on that with a few more words here on my blog. I'm thankful for the harmony that Rich adds to my life and I'm so honored to share his words with you here today. Also, be sure to click and listen to the sound files in the piece - they will help illustrate Rich's points more clearly. ++++++ Root. Perfect fifth. And….repeat. When I first got interested in playing guitar, I was 13. I had seen the hair metal bands on TV before, and loved it. But one day, something just clicked, and I knew I had to pick up a guitar. And this was what I played, because it’s what I could play: root/fifth. Commonly … [Read more...]

Drinking the Ice Wine


Today I'm guest posting for my friend Andi Cumbo. She's on vacation this week and I'm helping her fill out her space by talking about success. Kind of. I have a bottle of ice wine that I bought when I was in Moldova this January that I still haven’t opened. I thought about opening it when I finished my proposal and sent it out to query agents. And I thought about it again when I finally signed with the agent that I’d been courting for a year. But I waited because I haven’t signed a contract with a publisher yet. Or maybe I should wait until the book earns back its advance. Or maybe I should wait until I sign for a second book. Or until I get to do a TED Talk. Some days I wonder if I’m ever going to be able to open it. I'd love it if you'd head over to her place to read the rest. And be … [Read more...]

An Everlasting Meal and A Moveable Feast


  My dear friend Preston Yancey is neck-deep in book stuff right now, so he's hosting a guest post series on his blog about formative meals. I am so honored to be a part of this series. The meal I'm writing about today happened a few years ago, but it's still one that I think about with much fondness. I was in a not-great place, and this time with my friends was a balm to my soul. I'm so grateful that I have this memory, and people in my life who are there in the dark times. I'd love it if you'd head over to Preston's place to give this a read. … [Read more...]

Guest Post for Friendly Atheist

I'm honored to once again be guest posting for my friend Hemant Mehta. Last September I had the opportunity to stay with him when I went to STORY. We had dinner together and I even got to see his chlamydia. So it was a pretty good visit. Today I'm at his place, writing about the yearly tradition of Christian students standing up to the "radical minority" of atheists and agnostics by praying at their high school graduations and why I don't think that's a good representation of the Christian faith. I'd love it if you'd head over to his place and give it a read. And if you're visiting from Hemant's, welcome! Be sure to check out The Christian Guide to Atheists series and look me up on Facebook and Twitter. … [Read more...]

The Making of a Hunny Bunny by Cara Meredith


I'm taking a little break from blogging this week. So I thought it was a perfect time to run this absolutely beautiful post by Cara. I love it when we meet people who love us without question and this is a fantastic example of that. +++++++ It was just me and Mr. Darcy for a long time.  The two of us, girl and dog, figuring out life’s beautiful mess together.  He was alongside me in every significant moment, working or resting or vacationing.  He was my other, my companion. And then, as often happens to dogs, a man entered the picture – and by sacred utterance of the words, “I do,” we became a family of three, all under one roof. It was altogether lovely: but even with husband beside and Mr. Darcy at foot, newness surrounded me, seeming to define every area of my life. … [Read more...]

Ask A Mixed Faith Couple (Response)

Thank you all for your excellent questions last week. We hope that our answers help give you a little bit of insight into our relationship. As always, I encourage you to remember that these are the experiences of one couple and our answers are in no way intended to be prescriptive. But I do hope that they offer some comfort to those who are in mixed faith relationships to know that you can have a successful, loving marriage even in the midst of some of the uncertainty. We only answered a handful of the many questions that we received. If you had a question that you didn't feel that we addressed in our responses, or you have a question about one of our responses, I'll be trying to answer over at Rachel's today in the comments. And if there's something that you'd like to see me address on … [Read more...]

We Are More by Emily Wierenga (Plus a Book Giveaway)

MomMirror high res cover

Today we're taking a break from the Mixed-Up Faith series, and Emily Wierenga is sharing here to celebrate the release of her new book, Mom in the Mirror. You can check out the book trailer here. And be sure to see details at the bottom of the post on how you can win a copy! +++++++++++ We are the heartbeat of the home. But more than that, sisters... We are the heartbeat of the world. I see a woman’s Facebook status rejoicing that she’s lost 45 pounds, and multitudes are clicking “like” and it’s near-triggering me to check what I’m eating, to hop back on that anorexic train to skinny-ville. And I think we can be more. More than our weight, more than our looks, more than our jean size, because I have two chubby-faced boys staring up at me as I write and they see me as so … [Read more...]


About a month ago, Registered Runaway invited me to participate in the Love Letters series. I have written a letter to the LGBT community in the past, but I didn't want to just rehash that, so I took a lot longer to write this post than I ever intended. But I'm happy to say that I did meet my deadline and today my post is up over at RR's site. I wrote it to someone who emailed me here a few months ago. Dear friend, You sent me an email a few months ago. I’m pretty sure I responded, because I usually try to get around to responding to messages that people send me. But I don’t know that I said everything that I needed to say in my email back to you. And even though it was months ago, I want you to know that I think about your letter to me and I think about it often. And I want to take … [Read more...]

There May Be Something to Christianity by Ed Cyzewski

Soap Box

Every once in a while I get to meet someone who has an even more difficult name to pronounce than mine. Ed is one of those people. He's also someone who has influenced my writing in a more profound way than most other writers I've met. He has offered me help and encouragement and I admire him more than I can say. I'm so grateful for his contribution here. If you’d like to contribute, check out the details here. +++++++++ In college, I served as a discipleship coordinator for my floor. A “D.C.” was basically a small group leader with minor pastoral responsibilities. Naturally, this was an unpaid position. We were doing this for heavenly riches folks. With a new car at my disposal, I took to driving the freshman all over the place. Driving Range? Sure! Late night taco run? … [Read more...]