We’re All Stories

Both Netflix and my daughter have been trying to get me to watch Doctor Who for quite some time now, but despite my geeky ways, I spent a long time resisting the recommendation. But a few weeks ago I finally gave in and started watching the show. And of course, they were all right. I have absolutely loved it. As we were wrapping up our viewing of the fifth series, one quote grabbed me. The story-line is convoluted, but basically The Doctor is speaking to his future companion while she sleeps as a little girl. He's telling her the story of their travels through time and space. He's about to step through a crack in time that will mean that he never existed, that he will just be a figment of her imagination, a story that she made up.And then he said the line that made me run back the … [Read more...]

More than Friends

I love to ask people to write guest posts about unexpected relationships. I think most of us have at least one of these friendships and I believe there is a lot that we can learn about ourselves through them. I particularly love this topic because of the many unexpected relationships that I have in my life. I have written about my husband and my dear friend Tina. Those are both relationships that existed for a long time and then had a sudden shift causing me to reexamine them, ultimately reaching something even better. But I have another friendship that is unexpected, and that’s the one with my friend Rich. I write about him fairly often, but I’ve never written about the dynamic of being friends with a man. I'm always hesitant to write about this topic because the prevailing … [Read more...]

Peace at the Laundromat

I was livid. A prominent pastor said "Some of you, God hates you." This flies in the face of everything I believe about the God I serve, and it had me all fired up. I watched the full sermon to make sure I wasn't missing anything and it left me even more angry and hurt. I was composing a post in my mind. I was ready to ask some hard questions and make some strong statements. But I had to take my comforter to the laundromat. My laptop battery is completely fried, so I took some crochet work with me and figured I'd write the post when I got home. I shoved my giant comforter into the oversized washing machine and plunked the quarters in the slot. Sloshed some lavender scented detergent in the hole and set it to wash. My mind was racing as I sat down and started to crochet. The … [Read more...]

JCPenney and Insidious Sexism

On Wednesday, social media was alight with this ghastly long-sleeve tee from JCPenney: If you can't read it, it says, "I'm too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me." The product description says, "Who has time for homework when there's a new Justin Bieber album out?" Mom bloggers, dad bloggers, as well as many people with significantly larger brains than the marketing folks at JCPenney were quick to flood them with requests to remove the shirt, and to their credit, they did indeed take it down. (Of course, this gem is still available. *sigh*) My initial response to this was rage. Who the hell approved this hot mess? I mean, really, who? Because I'd like to smack them. Later, a group of us tried some humor and wisdom with the hashtag … [Read more...]

The Day Running Didn’t Kill Me

photo © 2006 Ian Burt | more info (via: Wylio) As per yesterday's post, I decided to get started on the Couch to 5K program right away. I've read all the stuff about not worrying about the beginning of a week or month or whatever to start something, just start it. And since I'm loathe to be any more of a cliche than absolutely necessary, I decided I'd get moving. Of course, starting this in the summer in the midst of a heat-wave means that I had to wake up EARLY this morning to get to the track as soon as it opened so I didn't collapse from heat bitchiness. (Yes, I know that real runners don't run on a track. But I live in WV with many, many hills and there's just no way I could do any part of this on the actual roads, not to start, anyway.) What follows is a detailed look at my … [Read more...]

A Christ-Centered Marriage

Being married, I pay pretty close attention to just about whatever I can find about marriage. Given that most of my friends are Christians and I myself am a Christian, much of what I read about marriage comes from a Christian perspective. Honestly, I find this okay because really, most advice is pretty standard regardless of religious affiliation. One doesn't have to be a Christian to know that honesty, trust, fidelity and love are important bedrocks to any successful marriage. photo © 2007 firemedic58 | more info (via: Wylio) But there's one phrase that I have heard (or heard a variation of) in every piece of Christian marriage literature that I've read. "Keep Christ at the center of your marriage." For years, I totally agreed with this and I would have said that it was true … [Read more...]

My Big Gay Post

I’m Alise, and I affirm gay relationships. This wasn’t something that I came to lightly. Rather, this has been a long journey that I have spent years waffling, thinking, studying, and praying about before finally coming to a decision. I don’t think I’ve ever thought that being gay was a sin. It never made sense to me that being attracted to someone could be inherently wrong and nothing in the Scripture seemed to indicate that it was sinful. Everything seemed to be related to action rather than attraction, so I made my peace with it and just camped there for a long time. Of course, living in a small town and having no friends who were out certainly made it easier to simply not think about it and when I went to college any gay friends that I had were decidedly not Christian, so … [Read more...]