In the Church, but not of it

Lady Justice

My favorite presentation while I was at Wild Goose was hosted by Jared Byas with Levi Weaver. They spoke on spiritual creativity, and as someone who fancies herself a bit of a creative, I was interested to hear their thoughts on that issue. Jared’s talk and Levi’s performance were amazing, but one of the things that really struck me about them was that they both said that we had to get beyond cynicism if we wanted to create. They did not suggest that we could not experience seasons as a critic, but cautioned against setting up camp there because it is nearly impossible to create from that space because it can be just as limiting as the things that we’re cynical about. If we constantly put ourselves in the position of critic, the ability to see beauty diminishes and with it, the ability … [Read more...]


hands reaching

Friday was one of the worst days in recent memory. And even in not-so-recent memory. We saw some of the worst humanity has to offer. In a place where there should be safety, danger ruled. Children, who should be free from the fear of death were instead cut down by gun-fire or saw their teachers and classmates endure this horror. When we see these things, it can be easy to ask ourselves where God is. And while I honor that question, I become incredibly frustrated when people seek to answer it. Just hours after this horror took place, Mike Huckabee posited that God chose not to stick around because "we've systematically removed God from our schools." Bryan Fischer said, "God would say to us, 'I'll be glad to protect your children, but you've got to invite me back into your … [Read more...]

Healing in the Green Room

Jenn & Andy

This weekend I played at church. It wasn't my scheduled week to play, but I was filling in for another one of the keyboard players. Normally this makes me happy. I love making music and I especially love it when I get to do it at church, helping lead others into a place of worship and thanksgiving. So filling in for another player is usually a joy. But not this week. I had to fill in this week because my friend Jenn is sick. Really sick. Cancer has come back to her a third time, and this time it looks aggressive. My heart hurts for her and for her husband. The weekend was not made easier when I was surrounded by people saying that they truly have faith that God is going to heal her. That she is going to be a testimony of God's greatness. Because the truth is, I didn't believe … [Read more...]