Ask A Mixed Faith Couple (Response)

Thank you all for your excellent questions last week. We hope that our answers help give you a little bit of insight into our relationship. As always, I encourage you to remember that these are the experiences of one couple and our answers are in no way intended to be prescriptive. But I do hope that they offer some comfort to those who are in mixed faith relationships to know that you can have a successful, loving marriage even in the midst of some of the uncertainty.

We only answered a handful of the many questions that we received. If you had a question that you didn’t feel that we addressed in our responses, or you have a question about one of our responses, I’ll be trying to answer over at Rachel’s today in the comments. And if there’s something that you’d like to see me address on my blog in the next couple of days, drop me a note in the comments here and I will try to write more here.

In the meantime, head over to Rachel’s and take a look at our answers. And thanks again for all of your support!

  • Cris Carpenter

    RHE’s comment section overwhelms me completely, so I haven’t sifted through it to see if this has been asked. If it has, my apologies! I’m curious to know what you and your husband hope/dream for your children. Taking into account your own experience, which is that of a fulfilling and supportive marriage despite the pain that has resulted from your faith difference, I assume you dream for your children to have the same if they choose to get married. If your children choose Christianity, do you hope they will marry Christians? If they choose secularism, would your husband hope they choose mates that are also secularist? Would you be perfectly fine if your children chose a mixed-faith marriage, or would you lovingly try to steer them away from that based on your own experience? Please forgive me if I have misused terminology!

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